Counting by bingo… new campaign deciphers bingo lingo with cool videos

No doubt you’ve come across the game of bingo – and its associated bingo calls – at some point in your life, but did you know that there is actually a bingo call for every single number used in the game?

While many of us are familiar with popular favourites surrounding little ducks and fat ladies, calls for other numbers are not quite as well know … and that’s where videos like this little clip for number 60: five dozen come in handy.

In this video, the concept of five dozen is made beautifully simple and with a calculator doing the maths for you, it’s a simple case of counting by bingo!

The video isn’t a standalone clip though; it’s part of a series of videos which are going online to document the full list of bingo calls. That means that in a few weeks times there were will be 90 videos depicting 90 bingo calls all available on YouTube.

The campaign has been organised by Costa Bingo as a way to decipher the bingo lingo in a fun and fresh way. The videos aren’t made by the brand though – everyday people like you and me were responsible for making them and that lends them more credibility, authenticity and lashings of fun!

We’re big fans of number 60 and its simple approach to this call but there are plenty of other videos which have already been uploaded by Costa Bingo for you to view. In fact, the campaign recently passed its half-way marker so it’s only a matter of a couple of weeks before you can view all 90!

Until then, you can read more about the campaign and its progress on their blog.

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