7 ways in which you can watch movies in 2014

Back in the old days you didn’t have many options for watching films. You could either; go to the cinema, hire a video or wait for a film to finally show on the TV. But lucky for us, we now have many ways of watching our favourite flicks.

So get the popcorn out and write a list of all the films you want to watch using these modern methods.



Watching movies couldn’t be easier thanks to our phones and tablets. We can watch Hollywood’s latest pickings wherever we want to. Take your phone (and movie selection) on the bus, in the park, even to the loo thanks to apps like Netflix.



Websites store movies for people to stream at their leisure. It’s ideal for those quiet nights in, the only drawback being, if you have a slow internet connection, you’re going to get pretty irritated by all the buffering that goes on.


Blu-Ray Players

It may surprise you in this web driven world that, DVDs are actually still one of the most popular choices for home entertainment. Blu-Ray is a firm favourite, because if people are going to buy movies to add to their collections, they are likely to want them HD quality. You only have to look at the range of Toshiba players still dominating the market and’s growing search lists, to see their sales popularity.



While the film industry tries to encourage us to go to the cinema to watch all our movies, downloading still dominates. Whether it’s paid for or free, we can’t deny it, we all do it. Hollywood is trying to crack down on the issue but the amount of downloading sites, like PirateBay, is ever increasing.


At the Cinema

It may be old school but it is still the perfect date night option. And it’s not always expensive, student rates and 2 for 1 offers certainly help when you’re still doing your work experience. An online survey revealed what younger people thought of going to the cinema and it still proves their favourite way of watching films, with movie snacks being one of their favourite things.


Via USB with Digiboo

One to watch! So you forgot to download a movie before getting on your long flight home back from the US. No worries! You can now rely on Digiboo, a movie download booth, that allows you to download some last minute films at the airport. All you need is a USB. It is only US based right now but it’s proving a big hit.


In a Secret Location

Sounds ominous but in London, you can sign up to watch cult movies in secret locations. All of the venues used are inspired by the films and their characters. But Secret Cinema do more than your average outdoor cinema, they project the movie onto walls in quirky buildings, they also have actors walking around pretending to be your favourite characters.


There are many ways to get watching your favourite movies and things are constantly improving. Which is your favourite?

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