Don’t Give Up

How many times have you looked down at the floor and said ‘I give up’? I have many times even during writing this, self doubt creeps in and suddenly these words don’t compare to the novel I had planned somewhere within my head.

These moments can come at anytime and during any situation from something major happening in your life or something you perceive, as less of an issue. Moments that make you feel all alone, in a losing battle with you brain, and giving up comes to us as an easy solution. A release for the thoughts inside our head, a way of saying I no longer care, (but secretly you do really.) So what can you do?

Ask for help! Why are we all scared of asking for it? It doesn’t make us less of a person. It doesn’t make you seem weak. And it doesn’t mean you’re a failure. All these lies you have been told, have built up to you going to the final option of just giving up. But as I grow up I had a lot of issues, believing I was stupid just because I’m dyslexic, and knowing deep in my heart GCSE were not going to be passed not even thinking about A levels, and that leading on to university and just being an overall failure to myself and family. But no matter how much I didn’t want help as I already felt stupid enough as it was, I was always taught from a young age, asking for help was a sign of maturity not weakness and now its 2014 and I am in university about to head into my second year. Stranger things can happen you know. Like walking on the moon… (Oh that’s been done, so you can do it!)

However sometimes even the best questioners can’t ask for help. So how are you meant to deal when you feel all alone and don’t feel like you can ask for help. I have never been alone as I have had a great back up system with my family, but when you having an off day and for me; when I was alone in a flat of 8 in halls, paranoia takes over and you realise your alone and everything just seem worse. But that doesn’t mean you can fly the white flag and surrender. Time to help yourself. Deep slow breathing can help calm your heartbeat and reduce inner fear. Concentrating on anything else for even 5 minutes will change the way you are feeling. When I am freaked out I find watching a comedy episode of ether ‘My Family’ or ‘Scrubs’ help me relax and lets me refocus on the problem at hand. No matter the situation there is always a way to make it easier. And yes I can hear you laughing, but it is true. Writing your emotions down can help you understand your feelings better and allow you to have a clearer idea of what is the issue and how to deal with it.

Try never to give up no matter how hard the situation. Life can be hard but always find away to make the most out of it. Allow a little self doubt, but knock that out the way when you realise you are here. And in being here you should be proud in anything you have done because you have done it, even when you felt like giving up and felt all is lost. And that to me makes you a hero in my eyes.

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