Film – The Forbidden Note. ‘That’s a Wrap’!!!

I don’t know about you but most of the emails I receive are thrown straight in the trash without a minutes thought or guilt to follow. So, imagine my complete delight when I got one I actually wanted to read over and over again! You may recall an article I wrote for Yuppee in March about a film called The Forbidden Note; a British independent film which needed funds for its completion.

Callum Andrew Johnston, writer and director of The Forbidden Note sent this intriguing email with news of the latest developments for his dream project. He can certainly write an entire film script that grabs your attention but in just three words he told me just what I wanted to hear, “THAT’S A WRAP’!!!!!

Was I shocked at this belting news? Well after seeing the trailer of The Forbidden Note I had no doubt in my mind that we would finally get to see the heart rending story of Cosmo and Sakeena. Two people in love with only the closed minds of others keeping them apart. Callum finished writing the script in 2012 and believed wholeheartedly that this timeless story would be seen one day.

In these tense times, we all have our own interpretation of the world we live in and Callum is no exception. He has carefully and without prejudice or judgment written a touching story which is based on our social and religious divisions. We are divided in so many ways and Callum has bravely and beautifully covered a subject which in this day and age should not be an issue.

The premise for this film is simple, it is that people see themselves within the characters and the hope that minds will be open and mistakes recognised; never to be repeated. This, as Callum calls it, is story telling in its purest form. It is a cosmopolitan story dedicated to a cosmopolitan audience.

So many people were involved in the making of The Forbidden Note and their dedication to the story and its core values drove them selflessly to help Callum see his dream realised. I am a passionate supporter of British film making and have no shame in asking people to pledge their hard-earned dough into an industry that continues to inspire and surprise. I am beyond happy to announce that The Forbidden Note is due for release at the beginning of 2015.

A boy from South Africa a Muslim girl and their forbidden love, how will it end?

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