What really motivates us?

ANY form of regular exercise and keeping up a healthy diet takes a constant stream of motivation, so how can we get, and more importantly stay, motivated to achieve our goals?


1) Write it out. Write up a plan of action whereby you are able to fit in exercise in your spare time and around your schedule, and stick to it. – No excuses!

2) You are not alone. Look to join an exercise club of your choice if you are lacking motivation, something you enjoy doing such as running, where you can meet new people and keep one another motivated.

3) When it comes to healthy eating, make a list! Before you go shopping, write a list of what you want to buy and abide by. This helps to avoid the temptation of wondering into the unhealthy foods that are so easy to pick up if you are not precise about what you need to buy.

4) When cooking, preparation is key. Plan what you are going to cook and have the ingredients at the ready. Even if cooking no longer looks appealing to you and you’d much rather reach for the takeaway menu and the phone, it is a lot more likely to spur you on if the foods are out ready for you.

5) As we are reaching those cold winter months, which makes motivation to exercise a lot more tough, try stocking up on warm exercise clothing such as gym leggings and jackets (spending a lot of money isn’t necessary, I recently purchased mine from my local superstore Aldi for under £20 altogether!)


Personally, to keep motivated I look for an event which is running a few months from now and I sign up to it, which motivates me to train hard to achieve a good time, as I don’t run races without the intention of beating my own PB time!

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