How to have an alcohol free 18th birthday

I’m lucky enough to have a large friendship group. However said friendship group, are completely different to me, in most ways that you could think of. This includes tastes in music, films and art, but most recently, socialising with alcohol.  Some of like a drink or two, some would never touch it and others can’t wait for the next booze bash.  What do you get when you can combine all of these? Three separate groups hanging out in different places, still interacting, but keeping their distance.  It is possible to have a party with all three groups integrated, but when it comes to a completely alcohol free event, there’s nothing to say that we don’t have the same good time.

Just make sure you get a few things covered:

  1. Ask everyone what songs they’d like to be played (if you’re hosting a party at home or a venue)
    You can create a shared document online – we use Google Docs. and it saves automatically, so the next person who opens it can see everything on there.
  2. Keep the party to one room (mainly for smaller parties).
    As someone who, as aforementioned, has different music tastes to my friends, I still make an effort to ‘jam’ and dance to what they listen to and like. I think it would be easier for people to integrate if there was less choice of moving away.
  3. You can still get buzzed on non alcoholic drinks – yes including Coco cola.
    Try not to go to a party thinking that it won’t be any good without alcohol – you honestly don’t need it if you have good company and a good attitude.  You could try making non alcoholic cocktails which are a great way to mix it up!

The answer to my earlier question? Yes! You can have an alcohol free birthday and still have fun. Finally, if you’re celebrating, happy birthday!

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