The 5 Most Fun Pet Apps

We take apps for granted so much these days that it’s hard to take notice of how much time we actually spend using them.

If you’re worried that you might not be paying your pet enough attention because of the amount of screen time that burns up your waking hours, the good news is there are plenty of apps that you can share with your furry friend.

Whether it’s a tablet or a Smartphone that is your own personal choice for a piece of companion tech that never leaves your side, why not load up an app that allows your pet to get in on the game too?

Here are some great choices that can be educational as well as fun.


DoggieDatez (Appetite Labs)

Hook-up apps have revolutionised the way we meet people, date and socialise and now even walking your dog can be much more fun. DoggieDatez is a social network for dog owners and lovers which uses your GPS location info to help find other pooches and their owners who are nearby.


Dog Translator (Ronald Bell)

Always guessing what Rex is trying to tell you when he barks?

Every dog owner knows that their canine companion is actually talking to them when they bark, growl or make those little noises that fall somewhere in-between, and now there’s an app that helps you know exactly what they are trying to say. Essentially, it records a dog’s communications and analyses them to tell you what’s on their mind.


Pet First Aid (Jive Media)

This app includes the information that you need to look after you pet in an emergency. Photos and videos provide instructions of how to take care of everything from accidental poisoning to a broken bone. Of course, every responsible pet owner should make sure they have the best policy to cover vet’s bills too, and a More Than pet insurance quote will give you the best deals available.


Pet Minder PRO (IES)

This app is easy to use because it has colour coded reminders which mean you will never forget mealtimes or medications. You can even use it to help house train a new addition to your family.


PetSnap (Pet Lama)

One thing every pet lovers love to do is to take photos of their pets. Unfortunately some pets just don’t want to play ball when it comes to posing for the camera. This app has 32 sounds and features to help get your pet’s attention so you can take the perfect shot.

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