Planning a dream wedding in Australia

So you’ve met the man / woman of your dreams, it’s all going well, and it’s time to take the next step… marriage! Everyone dreams of a big wedding, a huge reception for friends and family to celebrate the joining of two people crazy in love wanting to spend their lives together – who wouldn’t want that? And what better place to get married than in sunny Australia?

A wedding down under will certainly be an experience that one would find hard to forget. If weddings were a competition to see who could have the fanciest, biggest, and dreamiest wedding of them all – we think we just might have found the winner for you here.

So, how do you plan your wedding down under? Here are some things you just might want to consider before you walk down the aisle.


Wedding venue / reception

Of course, where else would you start than at the venue you are set to declare your undying love forever and ever? Bellcity.com.au offers the perfect setting for your big day. With a large ballroom, amazing garden terrace, and stylish on-site restaurants, Bell City has the complete package for anyone looking to get married in Australia.

With three packages to choose from, they cannot help you with those pre-wedding nerves, jitters, and shakes; but they most certainly can help you plan a smooth, memorable, and beautiful day.


Wedding dress

Naturally every woman’s worst nightmare: choosing a wedding dress. We are not going to pretend and say that this step will be an easy one, prepare for many stressful days shopping, hunting, trying on dresses, hating dresses, loving dresses… finding the wedding dress of your dreams can turn out to be the most stressful part of the entire process.

You could go for the custom-made route, taking the stress out of searching and placing the pressure onto your tailor, sneaky. Of course, custom dresses come at a premium, but then again, it is your day, isn’t it?


Who to invite – creating a guest list

The dreaded guest list – whom do you invite to your wedding? And more importantly, who fails to make the cut? With friendships at risk, creating a guest list for your wedding is always going to be a touchy affair. If you plan on having a big extravagant wedding with hundreds of guests, naturally, it becomes easier to include everyone. However, those who choose a smaller ceremony will find it hard to include all their old school friends – so be warned, the guest list is not only a chance for your friends and family to celebrate your union together, but also a who’s who of people you care about.

For those who choose a smaller ceremony, perhaps you could invite those who didn’t make the cut to the wedding ceremony to attend the reception afterwards – of course with a hint of ‘I’m sorry but there just wasn’t space at the wedding!’ to it.


Now, we haven’t even touched on the setting of Australia. What a country to get married. If you are seeking a sunny, bright, and joyful destination, well you couldn’t get any better than Melbourne.

The capital of Victoria, Melbourne is home to beaches, a bustling cultural city, a beat like no other, and a buzz of friendly welcoming people – it is no doubt that Melbourne is one of Australia’s most visited and loved cities for those travelling to the country.

So whether you are planning a big wedding, a small wedding, or even a huge wedding – look to Australia and look to Melbourne, you most certainly won’t be disappointed.

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