Get Involved: How Getting an MPH Can Help You Help Your Community

A Master’s in Public Health (MPH) prepares degree seekers for a high-paying career in the public health field, both in management and policy. Public health isn’t just the concern of the global community. Public health starts at home. Read on for a few of the jobs that you can get with a Master’s of Public Health. These jobs can help you give back to your community — local or global — and help ensure a safe, healthy future for all.


Public Health Educator

Education is the starting point for healthier lives. As a Public Health Educator, you can help educate your community about the steps needed to start making better health choices. These better choices will decrease the possibility of a disease outbreak or future health issues for the community. This position also gives you a great opportunity to go into areas where decisions about health are extremely important. Such areas include densely populated, urban areas where diseases are easily transmittable and pollution is a constant concern. It’s also important to keep in mind the large group of the aging population, whose declining health is an important factor when considering public health.


Occupational Health Specialist

Working to help eliminate accidents in the workplace and protecting the health of employees, Occupational Health Specialists use their MPH degrees and training to help establish a safe work environment. As an Occupational Health Specialist, you can help ensure the safety of your community’s workers by creating and enforcing health policies that work in their favor and prioritize their well-being. Administrative skills gained during the degree program can also help you implement health policies in a professional, organized manner. This job can also provide the opportunity to travel to different work environments in your area or around the country to help advice on work environment safety and policy enforcement.


Emergency Management Specialist

46791045_14e0f58e00As the title states, your job as an Emergency Management Specialist is to help develop and implement emergency management plans, helping keep your community safe in a crisis from the administrative standpoint. From natural disasters to man-made catastrophes, your job will be to help create plans that will assist in keeping the response process smooth and safe. You will also train those whose job it is to respond to emergency situations.


Health Policy Associate

Using the administrative skills combined with the flexibility and independence gained while earning an online MPH degree, you can easily translate your degree into a job as a Health Policy Associate. This job mainly focuses on analyzing health situations locally or globally, and helping to create policies dealing with those situations. This makes you a bridge between the political and clinical sides of the health community — a very important component in today’s world. With constantly changing health situations, particularly in third-world or developing nations, this job is extremely important in keeping not only your community, but the world, a healthier place.


All of the above positions are great ways to help your community and to stay involved, while also partaking in your chosen field and using your Master’s of Public Health degree.

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