Christmas Party Tips

December is already here and many people have begun planning their Christmas party for the 25th of December. Whilst this is an incredibly fun day for most, it can also bring a lot of stress and work. Being able to prepare in advance is a major advantage, so if you are looking for ways to get started on menu, decoration and music, keep on reading. This guide is guaranteed to save you time in your quest to organise the perfect Christmas party!



A lot of planning goes into the food as this is probably the most important part of the day. Many families sit down to a beautiful three course meal for their Christmas dinner but deciding what to serve is often a difficult decision. Smoked salmon and prawns are a great idea for a starter as they will taste great and you’ll still have room for the main meal.


Traditional turkey dinners are usually the dish on offer when it comes to the main course but roasting the turkey to perfection is key. If you are looking for a perfect crispy on the outside and tender on the inside turkey, this recipe here is great (with step by step video).

For dessert, a yummy Christmas chocolate log will go down a treat as everyone relaxes after their food. This recipe only takes 20 minutes in total and is sure to satisfy your guests.

chocolate log

Mulled wine is the perfect drink for the adults around the table and if you’ve made it yourself it’s even more reason for them to try it! There is something so Christmassy about mulled wine, it is so aromatic and will fill your house with festive cheer. Here is a super easy version. According to Jamie Oliver, it “tastes like Christmas in a glass”! You can prepare this while your guests have already arrived for the party and they will surely appreciate this lovely homemade beverage.



When it comes to Christmas, it is the decorations which get most people into the spirit of the occasion. Trees, stockings and tree decorations are all part of the fun. Christmas is all about having a big tree which is decorated with beautiful ornaments or all the things your children have made. Argos have a lovely selection of Christmas trees and tree decorations this year.

christmas tree

Placing a wreath on the door of the house will let your guests know that it’s Christmas and bringing out extra chairs and places for people to sit will ensure everyone will have a great time. Place a wintery mural of snowed mountains and trees close above the dining table or the fireplace, it will enhance the Christmas spirit in the house. The one below is from Photowall.


Decorating the table will really set the tone of the day. Setting out all the plates and cutlery as well as incorporating a large centre piece for the middle of the table will add to the occasion and including crackers for everyone to pull when dinner gets going will have everyone enjoying themselves.


Christmas music is great to have playing in the background as you are enjoying your dinner or relaxing after the meal. It can set the tone of the day and you may even find some of guests having a little dance to celebrate. To save you from searching for the right music, we have dug up this great Christmas playlist for you.

Christmas is a great time and by planning the decorations, music and the food you can be sure that your day will go without a hitch. Merry Christmas!

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