21 thoughts on being 21

The end of my 21st year of life is nigh, but it’s ok because I’ve had a brilliant time and despite some of the sh*t that’s happened, I have learnt a lot. I am a bit gutted that being 21 is drawing to a close; anyone who knows me will know that I love the number 21, it’s my lucky number and for some reason I have a compulsion to set my alarm clock 21 minutes past the hour every day, even if I don’t need to be up until half an hour later.

Enough about my weirdness, just as I did in my article, 20 thoughts on being 20, I’d like to share with you what I’ve learnt since I’ve been 21. I have learnt a lot, I’m basically old and wise now.


1. Send letters or cards

It’s nice to get post but it’s even nicer to be old fashioned and send letters or cards to your pals, followed by receiving a Snapchat back telling you how cute you are.


2. Don’t lie

I’m not saying I don’t lie at all now because everyone tells little fibs or exaggerates but in the last year I realised that it’s best to not lie about things, especially big things, because they come back and bite you in the ass.


3. Don’t get lost in the clean eating hype

I tried to cleanse one weekend but it started with a pizza so as you can imagine it did not end well. I keep getting sucked in by all the faddy dieting/healthy eating stuff – teatoxing, surviving on only flax seeds etc, but I’ve realised that they mostly probably don’t work and it’s best just to eat a bit less of the beige stuff and more of the green stuff and run around a bit.



Looking back at photos circa 2009 right up until this year I am appalled at how much I felt the need the need to pluck my eyebrows, almost into non-existence. From 22 onwards, I’m just going to leave them be (except from the occasional threading session).


5. It’s ok not to know what you’re doing in life

In the last few months and actually since I had to choose my GCSE options, I’ve felt a bit ARGH because I felt that my life isn’t where it should be, but actually I’ve done OK so far! You don’t need to have everything sorted when you’re 21, the whole point of your 20s (and in some cases, your whole life) is that you don’t have a clue what you’re doing.


6. Sometimes you need to sacrifice two shots of Sambuca for a taxi

After roughly 4/5 years of walking home at 5am in a dress and heels, I’ve realised that it is just not worth those last shots anymore.


7. People might be condescending towards you, f*** them

Because those who are being a nob are usually the 28-40 year olds who are jealous that you’re young and scared that you’ll end up being their boss.


8.Tell your partner you love them

I probs say it a bit too much to mine but after reading books and watching films where the girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/husband dies suddenly, I’m taking no risks.


9. Spend time on your own

It’s OK to be a loner; personally I love my own company. What could be better than hanging out on your own in PJs eating brie, drinking tea and watching telly (didn’t mean to rhyme there).


10. Smile

I’ve found that smiling to myself makes me happier, science says that this is true. You might look a bit weird doing it but it’s a nice feeling.


11. Coffee is your bezzie

Unless you don’t like it, in which case it isn’t, soz. But I have discovered a new love of coffee since turning 21. It’s no longer just a stimulant to fuel me through all nighters, it’s now (that I’m a working woman) a comfort in the morning.


12. The friends you make in uni/during your early 20s will be your BMFLs


13. Be nicer to your mum

Since I’ve got a bit older I’ve realised just how shit it can be to be a mum so give her a break and book her a spa day or something.


14. Experiences are better than material things

I have too much stuff, 21 years worth of stuff. I may have lost some dummies, Barbies, curling wands and a pink Motorola Razr on the way but a lot of it (dance mat, GCSE textbooks etc) has stuck around making my life a bit stressful. So ditch the crap and ask for experiences for your birthday/Christmas and spend your money on doing shit. When you’re old no one will give a crap about the amazing make up palette you got on your birthday but they will want to know all about that time you sky-dived and nearly shat your pants.


15. Make a little bit more effort when it comes to your appearance.

You’re not a student and definitely not a teenager anymore, dress for the job you want and all that.


16. Don’t squeeze spots until their ready or even at all

This is one I mentioned in my last article, yeah it’s a bit gross but so is having a blotchy face. I really need to master this.


17. Carry emergency items

I’ve become one of those people who carry emergency stamps, envelopes, plasters, Sharpies, stamps, forks, chocolate, even pants. Yes it’s cluttering my already cluttered bag up but imagine if I needed it and didn’t have it.


18. Work really hard

In whatever it is you’re doing. Your twenties are the only time that you’ll have the energy to do so; this is just what I’ve heard from old people.


19. Drink water between drinks

It’s still ok to go out and get really drunk but I tried the drinking water between drinks thing and it actually works. Especially when combined with lots of water when you get in from a night out. Zzzzz.


20. Look after your teeth and eyes

Buy a good toothbrush and go to the dentist. I’m not a dental expert at all but since I’ve turned 21 I’ve discovered electric toothbrushes and they’ve changed my life, honestly. And if you need glasses, wear them!


21. Don’t be passive

If something pisses you off, be vocal in a constructive, sassy yet polite way. Don’t be a doormat, stand up for what you think.

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