Dani Dyer Follows In Her Fathers Foot Steps

dani dyer

Eastenders actor Danny Dyer’s (Mick Carter) daughter; funnily enough, also called Dani Dyer, has followed in her dads foot steps and landed her first major film role as Lauren in the latest gangster film ” We Still Kill The Old Way”. Even-though they have the same name, Dani says she is proud of who her dad is, but doesn’t want to live in her dads shadow. The actress has proven just how talented she is, in her recent film released 26th of December 2014.

Best known for his vicious acting roles, Canning towner’ Danny Dyer shed a few tears when he saw his daughter on screen for the first time; Dani said “He keeps saying “stop telling people”, but I’ve gotta’ tell everyone, he was really chocked up.” Sorry Dan, the world needs to know!

The arising star plays Lauren, whose boyfriend arranges a gang rape against her, Dani said the role was “really hard, but I was lucky because everyone around me on set was so supportive, you have to really think deep, everyone has a trigger, it’s hard because once the scene is over you can’t just snap out of it, you go home and you still want to cry.” Despite the role being a difficult one, from the help of Eastenders actor pal, Danny-boy (Lee Carter), who plays Dani’s boyfriend in the film, Aaron, Dani managed to see it through.

Since the aspiring actress has landed her role, the demand for her attention has been massive and having recently done a revealing shoot with the Daily Star, Dani wasn’t sure how her old school east-end dad would react, but he was said to be proud of the shoot, and as long as his daughter was happy with it, so was he. How cute are these guys?

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