Battling the January blues

It’s simply inevitable that every year, from around January 3rd, people begin to feel lousy. Christmas is over, the New Year has begun, and not once have you spared a thought for your new year’s resolution, should you have even bothered to make one! You’re left feeling a bit bloated, and are more than likely sinking fast into the vast depths of the January blues. So how do you conquer them?  Where do you even begin?!

The first step is definitely to have some sort of clear out. Clothes, shoes, books, toys, games – whatever it may be, if you don’t use it, why not send it to the charity shop? Once clear out is complete, you’ll probably find that life becomes a little less unbearable. It’s also advisable to actually prepare yourself for whatever it is you’ll have to return to pretty soon, school, college or work, it’s probably not going to be too enjoyable, and once you’ve let reality sink in, it’ll become a lot easier to deal with!

Nevertheless, a positive mindset is one hundred percent the way to start the year – begin as you mean to end. A mostly happy outlook on life will lift your spirits, and you may find the biting cold wind and icy mornings a little easier to get on with. Don’t sweat the small stuff, life will never be perfect and there will always be hiccups, but it’s not the end of the world – there’s always another day.

All this can seem a little easier said than done, and January can be hard, especially dealing with the lingering debt of Christmas, but think positively – only three months until Spring…

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