Beauty Review: Clarins Instant Concealer

Finding that perfect concealer for you can be a heavily weighted task. It is often described as a lot of women’s staple product that they couldn’t live without as it both brightens and conceals the face. What I have learnt over the years is that concealer is something that simply cannot be scrimped on. Cheap concealers can look too orange, they can crease under the eyes and can look abundantly cakey.

The best concealer I have tried to date (as the title suggests) is the Clarins ‘Instant Concealer’. Simply because it does what a concealer is supposed to do. It has a creamy texture which means it easily blends into the skin, but with a high coverage it covers all that you want it to. Just blend with a medium sized fluffy brush and you are good to go.

The packaging is also a winner in my books. A squeezey tube fitted with a pipette nib means that you can get a fair distribution of product, with no unnecessary wastage. It also lasts a hell of a long time, meaning that you get a lot of bang for your buck. It retails at £21.50 so it isn’t cheap but is definitely a worthy investment for your make-up bag.


With only three shades available, the shade range isn’t exactly extensive. However with concealer it should roughly be one or two shades lighter than your foundation, therefore there should be a shade that is easily blendible and can match your skin tone.

Top 3 Qualities: 

1. Creamy and blendable texture

2. Convenient packaging

3. High coverage

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