7 Great Investing Sites & Apps for Millennial investors

Everyone wants to find a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, and with the new age of smartphones and technology more advanced than ever before, the online world is fast proving to be one of the best and quickest ways for a keen investor to turn their pennies into millions.

Being a Millennial, you would have grown up in a world of technology and probably know your way around the Internet and apps better than the older generation of investors – investing online is a young man’s game.

So, once you have decided the kind of investor you want to be, where do you start? Using apps and the online world puts you in complete control of your decisions and investments, and here are 7 great investing sites and apps for millennial investors to take advantage of:



What better place to start your investments than with the experts themselves? copyop is a social trading website that gives you access to some of the best traders in the world, with proven results. Follow traders and copy their trades, how easy is that? Arguably the most innovative social platform out there today, Copyop is the perfect place to begin.


Tip’d Off –

Marked as a financial Facebook-esque website, Tip’d Off gives you friendly community where you can learn the tricks of the trades from experts and see other member’s trades on your news feed.


FinMason –

FinMason is a free service offering neutral information and news surrounding the investment world without selling to you. It’s a simple service with the aim of helping investors understand and give advice that is best for their needs.


Acorns –

Do you want to invest your spare change? With Acorns that is easy. Connect your debit card to your Acorns account and choose an investment strategy you like. This app works by rounding up each transaction you make to the nearest dollar and using that change in your investment account.


SavedPlus –

Very similar in how it works to Acorns, except rather than round your transactions up, SavedPlus takes an agreed percentage by you, and uses that for your investments.


Betterment –

Good for those with long-term investment goals, Betterment is available on both iOS and Android, and allows users to set up a financial plan to reach your goal, whether that is to build wealth, or a safety net. This is a great platform for beginners or young investors starting out.


Scutify –

Save yourself a huge amount of time by using Scutify to search through social media and deliver you posts from news outlets and financial bloggers. This is a great tool for your research purposes, and even allows users to interact with each other through the platform.



Of course, there are just seven of the top apps out there today for the millennial investor, and with the web being as diverse as it is, there are hundreds for you to scour through and find the ones that suit your needs and work for you.

Are you a millennial investor? Do you use some of these apps to help you do your research and plan your investments? Think we might have missed any out on our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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