The Ultimate Guide to Summer Skin Care

Summer is all about sun, holidays, long days, and warm evenings – but it’s also the season when your skin will need some extra care and attention. To keep yours looking and feeling its best, just follow our ultimate guide to summertime care.


Don’t Scrimp on the Sun Cream

We imagine you’re all caught up on wearing sun cream when the sun’s rays are falling directly on your sensitive skin, but some of the worst burning actually occurs when the sky is overcast. Those rays are remarkably powerful, so if it’s hot outside then remember to wear protection – even if it’s cloudy, too. Look for an SPF rating of at least 30, reapply often, and always add a fresh layer after going for a swim. Also, don’t use last year’s bottle! Sun cream doesn’t last forever – pick up a fresh supply.


Exfoliate Often

Your healthy summer skin shouldn’t ever be lost behind dead cells. These make it look dull and dry, so make sure you exfoliate often to remove them. This is particularly important during summer since it forces skin cells to regenerate faster, a process which prevents your skin looking aged and worn. There are plenty of exfoliators on offer, but try to find ones which use natural exfoliating grains – these are far gentler on your skin than those which contain AHA or BHA.


Don’t Stop Moisturising

People often stop their moisturising routines during summer, or at least reduce them. This is a mistake. Your skin might not feel as dry during summer, but try to remember to pick a quality moisturiser and then use it often. Stopping now will mean paying for it in the long run, so moisturise liberally and often. If you’re unlucky enough to get a sunburn, you can reduce the negative effects by applying a moistening lotion which has been enriched with aloe vera.


Remember to Hydrate

Your body needs water to flush toxins out of your body, and toxins in your body do not for healthy skin make. This is because they cause your organs to work less efficiently, so your skin won’t maintain a winning healthy glow. Stop that from happening by drinking around 8 glasses of water during the day. Just try having a bottle or glass around, and sip it while you’re relaxing. The sun will naturally dry you out, so this is an important summer tip.
Nothing should ruin your summer fun – least of all problematic skin. Make sure you keep our guide in mind, and keep your skin healthy throughout the season.

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