Get A Leg Up On The GRE With The Help Of An Experienced Instructor

Every scholar dreams of attending graduate school, as it is one of the greatest achievements and grants any graduate immediate esteem and acumen. But like any major achievement in life, it does not come without its share of struggles. A major hurdle for students applying to a graduate program is passing the prerequisite standardized tests, such as the LSAT, GMAT and the GRE.

The GRE, or Graduate Record Examination, is a standardized test which most graduate schools will consider as the benchmark for entrance, and it is designed to measure analytical writing and critical thinking skills, along with verbal and qualitative reasoning. The GRE consists of several sections which are scored by scale.

Verbal reasoning will measure your ability to evaluate and analyze written content. You will have to recognize relationships between words and concepts, analyzing their relationships and critically synthesizing information retrieved from them. The quantitative section will gauge your ability to solve problems with data analysis, algebra, arithmetic and geometry. Finally, analytical writing will test your ability to communicate in an effective manner, asking you to articulate and support ideas based on supplied criteria.

Although it seems like a straightforward process, many students, even those with high GPAs find this test a nerve-wracking endeavor. Some students, who completed college but struggle with learning challenges, give up and dash their graduate school hopes — all due to a lack of understanding of the test and an accompanying fear of failure. An excellent article addressing this understandable anxiety lists a number of preparation methods designed to help prospective grad students cope with the stresses associated with the GRE.

As with anything in life, preparation is the key to success, and preparing for any standardized test requires a standardized approach. There are many GRE prep books on the market with practice questions, but they fail to address the underlying strategy of the test itself. Some test takers who initially feel confident because they passed one sample exam with good guesses, find themselves confused and upset when they are sitting for the real deal wondering how to deconstruct a complex question so they can choose the best answer.

Finding a GRE prep program is easy, but it is imperative that you choose only experienced and highly qualified instructors from a reputable company. It’s your future on the line and you don’t want to trust your exam preparation to a craigslister who calls him or herself an expert just because they took the test. Be wary also of companies that make false guarantees that you will absolutely, positively pass just by paying them money or buying a program. A reputable company will offer instruction that will increase your odds of passing, but in the end it is up to the student to make the effort and use the given tools. If you live in a city like Toronto, there are many options out there to prepare for your test, but make sure to find a company like Quantum Test Prep, who only hires instructors with years if not decades of experience and who have themselves passed the test.

Testing is a science, and there are metrics of testing design that experts in the field understand. The smart student chooses a company that will utilize this science to help you boost your score. It’s not just important to know miscellaneous facts; the student must be prepared for how the test is designed and worded. Check to see if the tutoring company you choose offers specialized instruction in areas you may find particularly challenging. A company like Quantum Test Prep take GRE testing seriously and offers a single weekend (30-hr) course package that combines the three individual Quantum GRE course modules, the 17-hr/1½ day GRE Math Fundamentals course module, the 9-hr/1 day GRE Verbal Fundamentals course module, and the 4-hr/single evening GRE AWA Fundamentals course module, together at a reduced price. The Quantum Revised GRE course was fully updated recently and now covers all aspects of the brand new GRE Revised General Test. Take a look for yourself online or visit a test center in person to learn about the Quantum Test Prep GRE course and to help you prepare for the GRE and all that comes next.

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