4 ways to stick to your new year resolutions (for good this time)

Another year, another flurry of obligatory promises shared by millions with hundreds of their peers…only to be feeling a failure when all those hopes and dreams flop by February.

Well, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. Those promises you make to yourself can be kept beyond February, well in to March and achieved throughout the year all the way to the next one.

I am definitely not a so called ‘expert’ or ‘life coach’ I’m just a girl sick of being taken in by the advice in gimmicky magazines that, let’s face it, simply doesn’t work.

So, here are some realistic, real life suggestions for you to try.


  1. Keep your resolutions to yourself– a strong statement that flies in the face of all the info out there. Instead of telling everyone on Facebook you’re going to lose three stone in four weeks thanks to your mate and her super magic juices and shakes, just get on with it. Set yourself smaller goals and do something every day that gets you closer to them. By keeping your plans to yourself you feel less pressure, remember you are doing this for nobody but yourself and if you post a picture of a burger there will be no smart arse asking about your diet. Finally, when you begin to get compliments about how great you look you’ll know they’re genuine as people won’t know what you had planned.
  1. Be positive– ok so this one is a bit gimmicky but it works. Instead of using negative words, phrase your goals in a more positive way. Instead of saying “this year I can’t/won’t have any chocolate at all” say “this year I will eat less chocolate.” For me, if I tell myself I can’t have something I want it even more which usually results in a huge binge when drunk/sad/ just plain hungry. However, if I know it’s there for me to have whenever I like, it’s more likely to stay there for longer.
  1. New Year…- Another play on words, instead of being sucked in and inevitably let down by the ‘new year new you’ mantra how about ‘New Year, improved you’? Instead of thinking about all the things you’re yet to do or what to change, think about why they didn’t happen last year and then create a solution.
  1. Take your time– You have a whole year- why is it such a failure if by the end of January you’ve used that gym membership only once (like me), not lost that stone or are now smoking 20 a day after the stress of trying to quit the original ten? Instead of a New Year resolution, we should have a new month resolution. That way, if by the end of January you aren’t quite where you expected to be you can evaluate.


And there you have it, give these techniques a try and see if those resolutions set just a month ago can be stuck to for another month, then another, then another…

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