Heli-Skiing Will Take You Places You’ve Never Been Before


If you are a risk taking, adventure seeking, powder snow loving skier, then it’s time to ditch the chairlift for a helicopter. You read that right. Your next adventure starts at the top of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and the only way to get there is on an exclusive flight up British Columbia’s tallest peaks.

British Columbia, Canada’s western most province, is where the Rocky Mountain range starts. Home to North America’s highest summits, it’s also where thousands of adrenaline junkies find their fix. By helicopter, they’ll be taken to an untouched spot in the mountains. Here you’ll be surrounded by the quietude of the Rockies, bright blue skies, fresh air, and snow for as long as you can see. You’ll also find unparalleled vertical and the best uncut snow of your skiing career.

The best heli-skiing British Columbia has to offer is an exclusive experience. It doesn’t attempt to recreate the congested slopes of the average resort by flying as many skiers up the Rockies as they can. Instead, they limit their excursions to a very private group totalling no more than 4 people at a time. That way there’s no competition between strangers trying to find the best route, and you’ll never have to follow a stranger’s tracks. It’s just you and your friends and Mother Nature.

In B.C., Mother Nature is generous with her snow. With ideal climates that produce consistent precipitation all year round, you’ll experience the best uncut powder of your life. You can choose to zig-zag down the side or speed like a bullet off of peaks. How you experience this fresh snow is up to you. Would you rather race down the side of the mountain to see who can get as much vertical at one time or spend your time, spacing out the run with selfie breaks? Maybe switch between both skiing styles.

Whatever your preference is, you’re going to be tired at the end of the day. It’s important then that you end each ski at a private lodge where you can relax and rest up before your next day on the mountain. To make sure the accommodations are up to your standards, go online to find the best heli-sking British Columbia has to offer. While you do that, check out the heli skiing vacations at As the only boutique heli skiing operator in BC, they’re small enough to create a truly special holiday – from the top of the mountain to the luxury of their lodges.

If you take your title of a risk taking, adventure seeking, powder snow loving skier, then it’s time to prove it. Make heli skiing your next adventure this year, and experience the best skiing trip of your life. Don’t delay; go online and book your holiday today!

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