Relationships and dating with mom: What do Husband’s Parents Think?

Not all of us have a happiness to marry with the orphan. On practice there are a lot of situations when parents interfere in the life of future bride and groom and provoke a lot of conflicts. Actually, in Western society there is no habit to interfere in the lives of children who have created family already or dating someone. But psychological link with children is still strong, and it influences on the relationship.

Our Belarusian brides dating agency has an experience with men who wanted to marry with Belarusian woman who has children already to stand apart from other’s influence and their life principles. Sometimes such attempts may be unsuccessful, because parents resist son’s desire to act against their wishes and use all influence to destroy the relationship. So, our brides’ agency knows about such situations and may help women to be prepared for future life. But remember, if the man ignores parents’ opinion, then he may not to follow family traditions in future and may not accept values of his bride.


What Types of Men Belarusian Brides Should Know?

Concerning relationships and dating with mom men have different opinion that is based on cultural value of the family. There are three most popular types of people according to the attitude to traditions our Kovla agency has met – mummified, rebellious and indifferent.

  1. Mummified type. For this man, parents are mummified love to traditions. The man has own norms and rules of past generations and try to keep them anyhow. This becomes a part of a person, and the man starts afraid of changes and of dating someone.
  2. Rebellious type. These men are sure that traditions of their family do not fit the reality. Such man is looking for modern, perfect model of life and bride as well. He protests against family and cultural backgrounds and is searching for new solutions. This man could date with Belarusian mom and accept children like own ones. Often, while looking for new opportunities, this type of men is open to other culture and customs as well as is willing to try dating a mom.
  3. The indifferent type. This person will follow traditions but while doing this will try to get rid of them. On one hand, he has a desire to change the existing way of life, but on the other, he cannot abandon the principles he got used to. He wants new, but he is not ready to let go the old ones. Such person is trying to please his family and will do everything for his future wife.


What Behaviour May Belarusian Woman Choose?

Thus, depending on these types, the Belarusian bride may choose different models of relationships, such as ignore parents’ opinion, accept all foreign traditions or run away from there. But if the man really loves Belarusian woman and her children, then neither parents nor traditions will disturb a happiness of their future family.

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