3 different ways to spice up your Christmas this year

We may not like to think about it yet, but Christmas is fast approaching. Most of us usually have the same routine when the big day arrives, but maybe it could be a good idea to try something different this year? There are a range of things you can try, but our list will provide you with three of the best alternatives.


Turn it into a party

Lounging on the sofa and watching TV is a standard ritual for most families at Christmas – especially after eating too much food! However, why not break out of this habit and throw a party instead? You could invite more friends over than usual, buy some alcohol for the adults to enjoy and then dance the night away. If you want to push the boat out, you could even turn it into a themed party.

Throwing a themed party will really get your friends and family excited and invested in the occasion, and you’ll love seeing how much effort your guests have made to dress up. Themed parties are also a great place to play games and hold competitions. For example, you could hold a best and worst-dressed competition, and offer prizes – or forfeits – for the winners.


Get away from it all

Although Christmas is a great time to let your hair down, it can also have its stressful moments, too. Cooking the dinner, wrapping the presents and visiting friends and family mean there is a lot to fit in over this period. Many people, understandably, find this quite stressful. If you’re looking to completely get away from it all, pamper yourself and your family, and experience a range of different cultures, then perhaps you should look into a Caribbean cruise?

What could be better than relaxing on powder-white beaches as you listen to the turquoise waters splash against the shore? The Caribbean really is the perfect getaway. Cruise operators like Imagine Cruising can take you to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Saint Maarten, St Thomas and the Bahamas.

The Caribbean can offer you a diverse range of local produce that will come alive in your mouth. From fresh fish and succulent meats to exotic fruits and tangy cocktails, this vibrant part of the world has something to suit all tastes. It will certainly make a refreshing change from enduring the stress that usually comes with making the Christmas dinner back at home!


Hold a film night on Christmas Eve

It is often said that the magic of Christmas sometimes disappears as an adult, but this technique will bring that festive cheer flooding back. To really get the night going, you could even make some festive hot chocolates for your friends and family that are packed with cream, marshmallows, cinnamon and nutmeg, or you could whip up some festive biscuits. The possibilities are endless. Your guests will love sitting around the fire while you decide on which Christmas classic you’re going to watch!


Christmas is a time for family and good times, so try something new this year and make the most of the festivities.

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