Is Social Gaming The Same As Online Casinos?

What Are The Distinct Differences Between Social And Online Gambling?

SocialGaming is the new black today. It has recently skyrocketed with its own unique path straight through the digital betting industry. This led to the “buzzword effect” and lots of people simply lost thievery understanding of the term for the sake of having it on their site.

Today many creative developers who have made it their goal to create sophisticated online casino software with the help of evenbetgaming team know the difference. Because it’s their job to know stuff like that. But, as experience shows, lot’s and more of suits on the other site are simply not aware that their casino has no relation to “social” at all. Stakeholders like the sound of that word and are abusing it without second thought.

So what’s the difference between an online casino and a socialgaming platform?

A social casino is not about bets. The platform should be dedicated towards expanding reach. These are free to play and, while they can be based on casino themes, no real money is involved aside from micro transactions.

In simple words, it is the trial version of the real deal betting where a player feels safes because no real money is involved. Its promotion efforts and its very existence should be directed on the transfer process. Players can become bettors, not the other way around. A lot of the titles in the “social” section of the casino can resemble good old Facebook titles we all love so much. This will attract new visitors to the site. Not all of them will be attracted to poker or slot machines.

And that’s OK. They shouldn’t be pushed to that decision as they willingly came to play something else on your website. Some of the newer players will get tempted though and that, in turn, should be the goal of a casino. Not shoving black jack down people’s throats and calling it social.

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