Smart Watch online casino games: are there real world examples?


While smart phones and tablets have a big market share, smart watches keep driving sales to catch up with their mobile counterparts. In fact, smart watches have curved out their own consumer niche, and game developers are even looking for ways to create games that will be fully compatible with smart watches. The modern smart watch is growing and improving in features. You don’t even need to have your mobile device nearby to use a smart watch independently. It is for this reason that introducing casino games to this platform would be a viable option for investors looking to run online casinos.


Microgaming and their mobile device games 

Microgaming stands to be the most popular casino software provider on the internet. Ever since they opened shop, the company has been focusing on creating quality games and also improving existing ones before licensing them to casino operators. Today, Microgaming is concerned with creating games that can run on smart watches. They’ve combined their effort with popular casinos like 7 Sultans Online Casino to make this a reality.

This casino software developer has identified a number of benefits related to playing games on a smart watch interface. For example, they know that you can’t drop it, plus it’s non-intrusive unlike playing on a smart phone. However, these benefits can’t overshadow the pitfalls of creating casino games for the smart watch.

And now it emerges that Microgaming will have to work around these problems in order to fit their slot machines on tiny smart watch displays. As it stands today, playing Roulette wheels or craps table on a smart watch is not a practical way of playing casino games. The screen is too small and you can’t fit all these elements on the display.

Even the most common 5-reel slots cannot fit on the display the same way they do on a mobile device. Another challenge that Microgaming is probably facing is how to make sure that all slot machines will be compatible with the various operating systems that come with smart watches.


Does this mean that you can’t entirely play casino games on your smart watch?

Currently, there are over 500 slot machines which have since been developed to fit mobile devices. However, most of these titles can’t fit the requirements of the average smart watch device. But this does not mean that it is not possible to reprogram these games to make them playable on smart watch screens. A good example of a slot title that can be played on a smart watch is Thunderstruck.

Although this slot machine was developed in 2004 as a desktop casino game, it has since been developed into a mobile device casino game which can also be played on smart watches. The original theme of the game has remained consistent throughout the updates. It’s among the few slot machines with 5 reel and 9 paylines that can be played on a smart watch. Most online casinos offering this game have a new player welcome bonus for visitors who want to test it out on their smart watches. Perhaps this may signal that smart watch casino games will soon go mainstream. When this happens, players will finally have a choice of either playing on a mobile device or smart watch.

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