Three Unusual Sports In Sweden

Of course, sports such as football, ice hockey, and tennis are popular but there are various sports that are almost as popular; and most of which are only played in Sweden. Here we will look at which sports they spend their time invested in; most of which you may not have heard of. These sports also have various betting markets available within Scandinavia, so it’s not only time that they invest while watching these sports.

Sweden is a country that is very passionate about their sports. Along with this, online betting is massively popular in Scandinavia. As is the case with British people who look for the best payout online slots in the UK, Swedes like to bet on casino games also.



Two players slide stones on a sheet of ice towards a target area located at the end of the sheet which is segmented into four concentric circles. It is contested between two teams with four players each; they then take it in turns to slide the heavy stones down the sheet towards the house (the target zones.)

The team with the most points wins. It’s a very tactical game that is considered by most as chess but on ice. There is a lot of teamwork and strategy needed for the sport and competition has heated up since it was made an Olympic sport in 1998.

Introducing a broom into the sport added an extra element as they gained more control over where the stone would land as they could alter the pace and therefore the distance.


Reindeer Racing

The randomness of reindeer racing will leave you breathless, in a sport which closely resembles horse racing but with a much higher risk of danger.

Reaching frightening speeds of 56kph, that’s faster than a 50cc moped. People come from around the world to be a part of the race day and to experience a massive cultural part of living in a Scandinavian country.

It ensures that community ties remain strong and the way of life is preserved. Local craft makes, food stalls and junior competitions often run alongside these races making sure that the next generation continues the traditions.

To take part, you have to weigh over 60kg, as men and women both take part if the woman weighs under the limit they are needed to wear lead weights.


Ice fishing

Ice fishing is a popular past time sport in colder countries where temperatures go below 0°C, and Sweden is no different. The sport revolves around using lines, hooks or spears through an opening of ice on a body of water.

Longer fishing trips can involve heated and large shelters for overnight accommodation. Ice fishing has changed over the past 20 years with the introduction of solar units and powered angles which are used to cut the holes in the ice.

The dangers are very apparent to everybody, even those taking part. If the ice was to melt there would be an immediate danger for the fisherman. In fact, thousands of people participating lose cars and trucks every year.

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