Four stress busting devices you can keep in your pocket

With our lives increasingly being dictated by work and family commitments it’s always helpful to find time to maybe introduce some sort of meditation into your daily routine. Whether that’s grabbing a quick ten minutes while you’re in the shower, getting some exercise, or enjoying a delicious breakfast, these are just some of the methods people use to help them destress and find a little bit of calm. However, there are also many de-stress alternatives that can be used while you’re sitting on the train or bus, or even at work that fit perfectly into your pocket. Take a look below to find out more about some of the amazing stress reduction products to help you get through that daily grind.


Stress Ball

Stress balls have been around for a while now and provide us with that much-needed stress elimination when things seem to be getting a bit on top of us. It’s argued that stress balls can reduce your anxiety and momentary anger by up to 50%. So, rather than taking your anger out on your family or a colleague, simply have a couple of squeezes of the good old stress ball instead. It doesn’t matter if you’re imagining the stress ball to be the head of your boss or some other unfortunate soul, at least you’re turning to holistic methods to treat your anger and reduce your stress.



Now that consumers are finally beginning to realise the harmful properties associated with cigarettes, more and more of us are turning to vapes as a healthier alternative. The reliance of many individuals on cigarettes was at least initially down to a need to de-stress, but the truth is that vapes can do the same. Whenever you’re feeling stressed, simply take a few drags on your vape and revel in the large flavoursome clouds that are produced above you. The great thing about vapes is that they’re more cost-effective than standard cigarettes and also a great deal healthier. You can purchase your vape and all the equipment you need to get started at reputable companies such as Pure e-Liquids today.


Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinners swept the nation a couple of months ago – and God knows why! For anyone unfamiliar with the noble fidget spinner you may have seen children playing with them. A fidget spinner is that brightly coloured, three pronged handheld things that spins around and around. Although this is pretty much their only function, they are great for creating a little bit of detachment from your daily life and allowing you to marvel in the small amount of g-force and ‘spinsation’ that these little contraptions produce. They’re extremely cheap, too.


Fidget Cube

Hot off the back of its predecessor the fidget spinner, the fidget cube is the latest device to hit the market, offering something a little bit more conclusive to help you destress while at home, work, or on public transport. Similar to how a cat enjoys playing with a ball and string, I’m guessing the functionality of a fidget cube creates that same level of stimulation for us humans. With a number of switches and adjustable features, a fidget cube provides pocket sized stimulation when we need to destress the most.

Hopefully, these pocket-sized destress devices have provided you with a little food for thought to take into your hectic, daily lives.

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