How Mobile Technology Is Taking Over The Business World

The digitalisation of business has been an ongoing process for many years. As we approach the end of another decade, it’s a good idea to look back at things. How did the business world look at the start of the decade compared to now?

Well, there are a few key things that stand out, but one is definitely the dramatic rise of mobile tech. In 2010, you’d see some businesses utilising this technology. Nowadays, it’s basically essential for all successful companies to take advantage of it in some way or another. In fact, it’s pretty much taken over the business world! 

With that in mind, this article will look back at things and figure out how mobile technology is taking over the business landscape. 


A Change In Browsing Habits

Back in 2010, most people still browsed on desktop devices. As the decade has progressed, things started to change. In 2020, mobile browsing is going to be key. More people will use their phones and tablets to browse the web, rather than using a computer. It’s simply to do with the ease of access that mobile web browsing brings. You don’t have to find your way to a specific computer to browse – you can just do it wherever you are, whenever you want! 

As a consequence, this has altered the approach to business websites. Now, it’s no longer good enough to just have a website. You need a mobile-friendly site, and you may even need to call upon some custom software development to create a mobile app. If you don’t give mobile users an easy way to find your website and see what you offer, then you miss out on a lot of business. This wasn’t always an issue because mobile users were the minority. But, the rapid development of mobile technology means everyone has a smartphone. So, you’ve got a huge customer base to potentially target when you take advantage of this technology. 


Re-Imagined Marketing

Another reason for the mobile technology takeover is the change in digital marketing approaches. Simply put, there’s a strong emphasis on using mobile devices as part of marketing strategies. If we look at the idea above, we can already relate to this. As mobile browsing continued to rise, search engines realised there was an issue. People hated visiting sites that weren’t mobile-friendly, and they’d often leave them right away. 

Consequently, this led to a change in the Google search algorithm. Now, if you don’t have a website that’s optimised for mobile, then you will be penalised in the mobile search rankings. Even if you rank well on desktops, that same site will do poorly if it isn’t correctly optimised. Therefore, businesses must adopt this technology for SEO purposes!

Similarly, mobile devices opened windows for new ways to market your business. These days, you can send out marketing texts or notifications. Many companies develop apps that they encourage their customers to download – and the customers can get exclusive offers via the apps. This lures more people in and can lead to more sales. But, when an app is downloaded, you can use it to send push notifications to the user. As a result, this can tell them about new products, new discounts, etc. It’s smart marketing that really couldn’t have been achieved without mobile technology. 


A New Way To Buy

Lastly, mobile technology has given people a new way to buy products or services. Traditionally, what would you do if you wanted to buy something online? You’d go to your computer, find the website, and order the product. This meant that, if you were out and about, you’d need to wait until you were home to place an order. 

However, with mobile technology, you can do it right away. This changed the way people purchased things. Nowadays, consumers can be in physical shops looking for products, then use their phone to order them online if they don’t have them in stock. Or, you use your phone to compare prices, then order the cheaper one! 

It’s created a world where we can just buy whatever we want as soon as the thought pops into our heads. It’s seamless, effortless, and so convenient for the consumer. If your business doesn’t cater to this, then you’re lagging behind the rest. 

As you can see, mobile technology has taken over the business world. Yes, we still saw all of these things back at the turn of the century. But, the difference is that they weren’t everywhere. They were a rarity. Now, they take centre stage, and every business utilises mobile technology. It’s something a modern company can’t afford to ignore.

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