How The Past Decade Has Shaped The Future

Over the last ten years, we have seen so much change in our world, while some of the changes had been on the horizon for a while, some grabbed us and shook up our lives completely.

In today’s post, we are going to be looking at some of the amazing changes that have taken place in the world of technology over the last decade and why they are making our futures look so much brighter. 



While we have always relied on cars, the last ten years have seen a sudden influx of amazing cars that will have the best possible impact on the future of not only us, but also our children.

That’s right; we are talking about electric cars. Now, while it’s obvious that electric cars have been around for way longer than ten years, in fact, the first electric car dates back over 100 years, but in the last ten years, electric cars have really started to find their place in society.

Nearly all major car companies are now rolling out electric models, and this is one of the most beneficial things that can happen for our environment. There have been many reasons for the rollout of electric cars, but the main one is obviously due to the crisis that has been caused by petrol and diesel cars that are thought to be irreversible.

Many places around the world are attempting to find a way to become completely carbon neutral by 2030, and this includes replacing almost every car on the road with an electric alternative.


Our Health

While just over a decade ago we had options for many gyms and access to information on how to improve our health, the last ten years has really brought some incredible innovations for taking care of our health.

So many companies throughout the world saw the need to improve health, and we have seen people swap the gym for live spin classes they can do at home, people are putting their diets in the hands of online dieticians, and most important people are swapping their cigarettes for pleasant tasting vape juice.

The last decade has really delivered when it comes to health, and it can certainly only get better. You only have to turn to social media to see the growth rate of the industry on the whole.


Getting Smart

The final thing to make the post couldn’t be ignored, that is, of course, smart technology. The last decade has brought with it some of the most innovative technology we ever could have imagined.

While there are often accusations that smart technology is making us lazy, the truth is more likely to be that smart tech is actually helping us work smarter. Having access to information when and where you need it, being able to control your household appliances while you’re at work and so many other things have really made life so much easier.

Smart technology can only get smarter and whatever comes next is sure to be as incredibly helpful as what is already available.

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