5 Smart Ways to Make Your Space Homier During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the country officially on lockdown and people across the globe spending most of their time indoors to curtail the spread of the novel coronavirus, our homes have become our gyms, workplaces, and social hubs. However, the lockdown has been tough for all people. Therefore, it’s important that you think about making your space safe, cozy, and a place where you will enjoy spending much of your time – regardless of your living situation. Fortunately, you don’t have to completely transform your home to make it cozy.


Ways to Make Your Home Cozy While Self-isolating



According to Psychology Today, looking at a messy place every day can induce stress. While getting rid of the clutter in your home may seem obvious, you may not know what you need to remove to transform your space into a homier place. To begin with, get rid of the items you no longer need and decide where to store the items you want to keep. You’ll feel much better when you’re surrounded by the things you need.


Display your best memories

You can add warmth to your home by just displaying your family photos on the wall. Get pictures of your happiest moments and frame them. You can also add images of other things that inspire you, for instance, are you a beagle lover? Do you love traveling? You can add such photos as well. Remember to only add images that inspire you. After you find the photos you want to display, you need to identify where to place them. The best place to put them up is the wall in your hallway and stairway.


Create a nook to read and relax

Nothing can be cosier than creating a comfortable place where you can curl up with a book or a glass of wine. Incorporate seating in this special place like a corner in your living room or bedroom. Alternatively, you can create a nontraditional sitting area on the floor by adding some floor cushions, pillows, and plush rugs.


Get something nice to place by your door

This can be a plant, a photo, a doll from Vectis Toy Specialists, or a candle with that scent you love. This will give you a dose of happiness every time you walk into your home. You don’t need a big space for a drop zone to create an inviting entryway. Instead, you can simply add a motivational poster or an art print – whatever is more appealing to you, and you would want it to greet you every time you enter your home.


Ditch your overhead lights

Your overhead lights are a great option when you want to get things done because they will help you see things better. However, when you need to relax for the evening, you will want the soft glow of your lamp. If lamps aren’t your thing, you can add dimers to the switches so that you’re able to control the brightness in your room.


Bottom Line

Making your space homier and cozy is now more important than ever before. Although we’re now required to stay indoors to stop the spread of the pandemic, making your indoor space standout is important. Follow the above tips to make your home cosier and comfortable for the people you love.

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