Top European Countries To Visit Next Year

Europe is a very culturally rich region. From the historical monuments to its unbelievable scenery, it is a very unique place to visit. European counties are known for their spirited architecture, delicious food, historical museums and energetic nightlife. It is no wonder that some of Europe’s countries are considered the trendiest destinations to travel to.

With the current state of the world, things might feel weird now when it comes to traveling abroad, but you can still plan for when things return to normal. Here are the top European countries to visit.


Paris, France

Commonly known as the city of love, Paris receives millions of travellers looking to experience its delectable fare, breathtaking art collections and scenery. You cannot forget about the crème de la crème museums and high fashion. River Seine winds through the city, creating a wonderful atmosphere as you pass by historical churches, never ending blocks of uniquely designed architecture, trees, street lamps and cobbled walkways. Keep in mind that the best time to visit Paris is from June to August as well as September to October. In June to August, the weather is beautiful as the average highs are in the upper 70s. There is lots of sunshine. That is probably why it is also the most crowded and expensive time. By planning your trip in the fall you can get a better deal and you will not have to worry about huge crowds.


Colmar, France

If Paris is not your vibe, no worries. Colmar is also a great destination in France, especially for those that are in love with wine. This French city is the capital of Alsace wines, making it one of the leading wine-tourism spots in the country. The weather is also great in Colmar as you can expect it to be sunny 300 days out of the year, even during Christmas time. This could be a great place to visit when thinking about traveling abroad for the winter holidays. The natural scenery is absolutely breathtaking. You can explore the Instagrammable villages of Eguisheim, Riquewihr and Ribeauvillé or you take a drive down the wine route. Stop at the many wineries or promenade the vineyards.


Vienna, Austria

There is so much history in this city, it is almost unbelievable when you visit it yourself. Just by walking or driving down the narrow streets of the city, you can almost picture Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Sigmund Freud walking down the street. You can also admire the country’s monarchy history from exploring different palaces in the city. The best times to visit Vienna is from April to May or September to October. You can expect milder climates and fewer people during those times while the summer months between June and August bring huge crowds and expensive room rates. If you are wanting to travel to Vienna for the Christmas holiday, brace yourself. The city experiences a spike in tourism because many Europeans go to Vienna to experience the holidays.


Santorini, Greece

This island is absolutely breathtaking. It is made of two inhabited islands and many islets, though most travellers choose to stay on Thira. Thira is home to Santorini’s major towns like Fira and Oia. Santorini has some of the most beautiful beaches with black and red sands. Do not forget about architecture. If you are interested in studying human history and artefacts, this is the best place for you. Who knows what you will find preserved at Ancient Akrotiri or Ancient Thera where you will see ruins of three empires like the Romans. The best place to travel here is between September and October as well as April to May. The weather is warm and you may not experience huge crowds. Whether you participate on Greece tours or you travel solo, this is a city you must visit.


Athens, Greece

We could not forget about Athens. This city is ever-changing, creating this unique atmosphere of tradition and contemporary in everything from their restaurants and bars to their museums and shops. The architecture is also something that you must pay attention to as part of the experience. Expect to see Mediterranean landscapes. Be sure to take part in the nightlife as it is teeming with life and culture. The best time to visit Athens is typically from March to May and September to November. In the spring and fall, the weather is nice and the sun will almost always shine. You do not have to expect huge crowds and you can be sure to steal a sweet hotel deal. Keep in mind that the summer months, from June to August, are the city’s peak season. There will be huge crowds and it may be too hot for you to enjoy yourself. You can always opt for visiting in the winter, but keep in mind that will be kind of cold. Depending on your goals for the trip, this may make things uncomfortable.


Rome, Italy

People come for the amazing food, like the many kinds of pasta and gelato, and Roman history. Travellers like you can find the remains of historical monuments like the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Roman Forum that date back to the days of Octavian and Julius Ceaser. Rome is not all about history though. You can also find modern hotels and eateries as well as designer stores. When planning for the best time to visit, consider traveling during the months of October through April. During this time most of the other tourist crowds have gone, making it easier for you to find the best hotel deals. Brace yourself with a warm coat, because it may be chilly during this time. It will most likely not dip below freezing, but you should expect colder temperatures. You can also opt for coming from May through September as the average temperature fluctuates between the mid-70s and lower 80s. Going during these months will also put you in the sweet spot because you can still enjoy warmer weather without all the crowds.

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