Potential Career Paths in the World of Video Games

If your career isn’t currently satisfying you in the way you want it to, it might be time to make a change. Lots of people are passionate about video games, and as a result they’re looking to intertwine their passion with their career and are looking for career paths in this niche. But which career paths exist in gaming? And would any of them look for you and mesh with your existing talents and capabilities? Read on to find out about some of them.


Audio Engineering

One of the things that people often look past when considering games and how they’re made is the audio. We focus on the graphics and all of the impressive visuals. But what makes a game truly immersive in many cases is the sound design. There are large teams of audio engineers and sound designers who develop all of the audio in games, and it might be a career niche for you to explore. 


Streaming and Content Creation

The world of video gaming is huge on platforms like Youtube and, in particular, Twitch. If you want to get your voice out there and entertain people, this might be the career path that helps you to do it. Lots of people find great success on Twitch and Youtube, and you don’t have to have a huge income to make some money on the side and eventually grow it into something bigger.


Software Development

This is perhaps the career that most people think of when they think of working in the creation of video games. Software development has always been important and it always will be for games. It’s what they’re based on and offers the building blocks for all the experiences we have when playing games. If you’re already interested in software and software development, you might want to direct that interest towards games development.


Professional eSports

For some people who are very good at a particular game, it’s possible to make a very good income from playing those games professionally. It’s called eSports and the global audience for it is now huge. There are now so many game niches that have an eSports scene, including eSports Racing, sports titles, fighting games and many more.


Game Play Testing

Before a game actually gets launched to the public, it should go through quite rigorous and extensive testing to find bugs and flaws in the game. The development team can then address those issues. It’s often impossible to find those problems until it’s properly tested and teams of professional games testers are responsible for doing that. Testing games might sound like a lot of fun, but there’s more work to it than you might think.


The video gaming industry is growing at an alarming rate, and it’s now more popular and much larger than most other entertainment niches. That means there are lots of job opportunities out there for people who want to work in the world of video games. And the career paths we’ve discussed here are just the tip of the iceberg.

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