Could Live Casino Take Over Online Casino Sites?

The online casino industry is often looked upon as a gateway to how other industries could be utilising the latest technology. But that doesn’t mean the industry itself has full parity with tech. Indeed, some may even consider if there are ways that the industry itself will change – prioritising certain forms of gaming on online casino sites over others. With that being said, will all casino games ever become live?


What is Live Casino?

Live casino was a gamechanger and helped to show that the online casino experience could use the digital technology that underpinned the site to create something immersive for players. For instance, as Royal Panda shows with its options to play games at an online casino for real money, many also offer a live version. It isn’t just table games like poker, blackjack, and roulette that have live variants. There are live versions of Deal or No Deal, Monopoly, and variants of poker such as Caribbean Stud and Texas Hold ‘Em.

Live casino essentially offers games that players know with a live dealer. Not only do these games create more tension, but they allow the site to show that they are harnessing the latest technology.  Namely, casino sites, like many businesses, are using livestreaming technology. This helps show how casino games can thrive on digital platforms.


Could We Have Live Slot Games?

One of the other popular aspects of the online casino site is online slots. Online slots take the theme of a slot machine and use the digital space to offer a slightly different version. Slot games take on many themes and use animation and iconography to create a world for players that helps contextualise the standard slot gameplay. Online casino already amplifies the traditional slot machine through this animation.

So, could there be a live slot game? If most of the other games across the online casino portfolio have been turned into live games, why not slot games? They could borrow from the tension created by other live games and offer something different to slot players. Many may even just log on to see the novelty of how a live slot game would work.

However, some would argue that there is simply no need for a ‘live’ slot game. The benefit of live versions of roulette (both the European and American variants) and blackjack are that the traditional gameplay is replicated with the live dealer. But there is no dealer when playing slots. What would a live version look like? There would be no need to see someone as the reels are spun.

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