Flower Gifting Guide – How to Pick the Perfect Orchids

With Mother’s Day and other such occasions just around the corner, it’s time to start coming up with unique yet meaningful gifts you can send to your loved ones, even if you can’t meet them in person. To know more about orchids and what goes into picking the perfect one while gifting it to someone, keep reading. Happy gifting!


1. Significance of Orchids

Though the rose stands as the undefeated winner of denoting love and affection, the orchids are a close runner-up in the list of flowers that stand to represent love, affection, and passion. This is also one of the reasons why they are extensively used in wedding decor and the like, as they represent undying love and life-long devotion. So if you plan on buying these flowers as a gift for someone very close and special to you then there’s no better way to express your love and affection for them than with a bouquet of orchid blooms.

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2. Colours and Sizes

You need to keep in mind that orchids come in all kinds of shapes and sizes as there are over 20 varieties of orchids that can be grown as houseplants alone. This makes it an excellent option for gift-giving as you can choose the perfect shape and colour that may be appealing to the recipient of the gift. For example, if the person you’re sending the plant to is a lover of yellow, you can consider sending them the ‘Dancing Lady Orchid’ as that happens to be one of the brightest varieties of orchids. 

Additionally, you may consider checking out varieties that are rare and hard to come by. Not only will it be a great gift but will also be a rare addition to your recipient’s collection of plants, especially if the person happens to be a plant lover!


3. Climate and Temperature

The climate and temperature play an important role in growing and nurturing an orchid. So if the person happens to live in an extremely hot region, you may want to consider getting them a variety that grows well in hotter climates. Typically, most orchids do well in moderate temperatures where the weather is not too hot or cold. Additionally, if the person you’re gifting the orchid to lives in a region that receives very little sunlight, an orchid may not be able to blossom and flourish there. This is because sunlight plays a crucial role in helping an orchid flower even though they primarily happen to be indoor plants. These are some factors you may want to consider before gifting someone an orchid.



Orchids are simply excellent gifts for a number of reasons. They have beautiful blooms that flower quite often, making them an ideal addition to an indoor setting that needs a beautiful aesthetic appearance. They are also quite easy to transport and repot. Unlike other plants, orchids are quite hardy and do not require excessive care and attention for them to grow and flourish. They also can be shifted from one place to another without undergoing too much of a climatic shock. 

Additionally, they can always be repotted and won’t wither, unlike many other plants that undergo shock when repotted and have a chance of withering immediately. If you plan on transporting the orchid to another place and would like to go for the toughest orchid out there, we recommend checking out the ‘moth’ orchid that is widely known for its hardiness.

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