Top Tips For Planning Your 2022 Summer Holiday

Travelling abroad for that much needed summer holiday may be out of reach for many of you this summer, so that’s all the more reason to think big when planning for next year. Despite hopes that travel restrictions would have eased and life would have returned to ‘normal’ by summer 2021, things look set to continue so why not dedicate some time to thinking about next summer instead? Here are some top tips for planning your summer holiday in 2022.


Look for flights, hotels and package holiday with flexible cancellation policies

As much as you have your heart set on that perfect summer holiday next year, it is important to be realistic and realise that things may not go to plan. Booking a holiday with a flexible cancellation policy is a must in today’s world. Airlines, hotels and tour companies are wise to the fact that holidaymakers are unlikely to book anything at the moment that can’t be easily cancelled or at least postponed. There are consequently some great deals out there that can be changed as late as a week before your planned departure date. Take some time to research your options and you’ll be amazed by the variety you will find. If you don’t fancy the idea of flying again in the near future, a road trip can be a great alternative to a traditional summer holiday. A larger car such as a range rover will ensure your family’s comfort and safety while you are on your adventure. Having your own transport means you can easily change your plans at the last minute without any hassle.


Take out travel insurance

Before the Covid-19 pandemic began, and even in the first few months of it, most travel insurance companies did not cover pandemics. This has all changed and many companies include Covid-cover in their policies. However, don’t take this as a given and be sure to read the small print and speak to someone from the company to make sure you are clear on what is covered and what’s not before you sign on the dotted line. The best insurance to look out for is that which covers all costs relating to contracting Covid abroad, such as paying for accommodation whilst you recover, hospital fees and the cost of delaying your flight home. 


Research your chosen destination

Whilst the situation may be improving at home and should be set to have improved even further by summer 2022, this is unfortunately not the case in all countries around the world. Take into account things like Covid case numbers, hospitalisations and the success of the vaccine rollout. Once you have decided on your chosen destination, spend some time researching the sights and attractions and make a list of the places you would like to visit. 

Having next year’s holiday already planned will give you something great to look forward to.

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