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Dane Curel graduated from Coventry University in 2014, after studying English for 3 years. Whilst there he wrote for and occasionally edited the University's creative writing magazine, Coventry Words. Dane now writes Yuppee's Charity-Shop Book Review, which updates every second Tuesday of the month, and is written with the hope of bringing to readers' attention those forgotten treasures which have languished too long on charity-shop shelves. In addition, Dane maintains a blog, The Grown-Up Game, which details his efforts to move from University into full-time employment, and aims to provide advice and entertainment for young people struggling to find their feet in a world of adults. The Grown-Up Game updates once a week on Fridays. Follow @DaneCurel to stay abreast of news and updates; alternatively, Dane can be contacted via dane.curel@gmail.com.

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