5 things that make Berlin sexy

“Poor, but sexy” – that is how once Major Klaus Wowereit defined Berlin, the so-called capital of cool in Germany. Some three and a half million people gather in this city where one can stay for a week and still have things to discover. But, coming back to the beginning, what about that sexiness?

1. The U-Bahn. There is not a better place to have a crush than in the metro. Some big stations like Alexanderplatz are a beautiful chaos of young people running in every possible direction. Corridors and different lines converge in this maze-like underground oasis where you can even buy burritos or clothes. But only well trained eyes –and legs- will be able to find their way following the signs until the desired platform. And if you can’t make it, anyway, there is a new opportunity every 2 or 3 minutes – to catch a metro, I mean.

2. The cafés and restaurants. Let’s say it loud: it is cheap to eat out in Berlin, and I’m not only thinking about a currywurst in the park. With places where you can eat Italian for 4 euro, Japanese for 3 or drink a pint of beer for less than 2, you have the perfect excuse to invite that guy or that girl on a date – check the popular district of Prenzlauer Berg, for example. And for fair prices as well, there are exotic restaurants (from Indian to Greek or even Masai) where you can explore new feelings with your target – gastronomically speaking, of course.

3. The fashion. As in every capital, the trendiest shops can be found in the main streets (reserve an afternoon for Kurfürstendamm!) and the most charming vintage shops in the hidden streets (even more charming if you find them by chance!). Dare to explore and you may find some gems, from 20 euro Converse sneakers to designer dresses. And most important: as the Berliners do, dare to wear what best represents who you are. They don’t hesitate about wearing the latest trend or the jacket of their grandfather, which has an incredible meaning. Confidence makes one attractive!

4. The mentality. Germany is aware of the crucial role it had in Europe’s turbulent past, and has museums and memorials all over the city. Someone who is aware of what went wrong -and how it did- in the past, is also able to avoid the same mistakes and do it better in the future. Take and afternoon and visit the Holocaust Memorial by architect Peter Eisenman: you will get lost physically, but also mentally. The collective awareness of the war and the tolerance towards cultures, sexual options and religions can be felt in every street – and that is really cool.

5. The initiative. Berliners don’t sit down and wait – they just stand up and do it. The city is bursting with start-ups and creative businesses. Small-scale proof is that every Sunday, in Mauerpark, there is a flea market where you can buy lots of different things – or also sell them! And not only talking business – if you are there, make the most of your time and don’t fear exploring on your own. You never know what you will find or who you will know. Expect the unexpected – that is the ultimate sexy feature of Berlin!

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