How Instagram is upping the game for Bloggers, Photographers & Creatives

For many Instagram is just a place to post a photo of you and your friends on a night out or of your amazing breakfast but for creatives, Instagram is a way to get your work out there, better your skills and build a brand on a visual level.

If you are a blogger, whether it is fashion, food, beauty or lifestyle you specialise in, it can be a way of going behind the scenes on what is to come on your blog with sneak preview shots of coming posts or it can be a look at a typical bloggers day through what outfits they are wearing and what food they are eating without taking proper photos and doing a full post about it. It can also be a way of advertising their blog and their latest post with a photo from it instagrammed, with a catchy caption, link to their blog and the correct hashtags to find the right people ie ‘#fbloggers’ and ‘#whatiwore’ for an outfit post from a fashion blogger.

For photographers, Instagram can be a way of practicing their photography skills as well as seeing just how good a photo they can take with just their phone. They can learn more editing skills especially with the many amazing photo editing apps out there including my personal favourite Afterlight. After all that, they can post their pictures getting their work out to an absolutely huge audience especially when the picture has been tagged correctly.

For the creative people out there, it is a way to get their work online to the biggest audience you can get hold of. Whether you’re a graphic designer, a tattooist, a chef or a shop owner that makes their own clothes or crafty bits, you can take pictures, create your own branded or personal Instagram, post pictures of your latest work, post sneak previews before it goes live on sites/blogs and get the word of their work out to as many people as possible.

Being able to attract a big audience through Instagram is a good thing to get yourself known, gain followers, practice skills and maybe even gain clients who have seen your work, are impressed by it and want to hire you for a job. If you are a creative, blogger or photographer, I urge you to use Instagram to its full potential to highlight your brand and get your work online. However, whatever your profession there is a way to use Instagram to build yourself, your skills and your career. Think about how it can be used to its full potential for you and then go make the most out of a great free, social platform.

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