Carrie Bradshaw’s Most Iconic Looks

It’s no secret that Carrie Bradshaw’s designer wardrobe is lusted over by women all over the globe, each of us transfixed on her perfectly accessorised outfits for each and every occasion.

Carrie has been played by Sarah Jessica Parker for six timeless, first-class series and two feel-good films, and she is not only a liberating and loveable character but she has it just right in the fashion stakes.

Throughout Sex and the City Carrie was never afraid to experiment with different looks and distinctive styles, such as the iconic white dress with that gorgeous, albeit slightly over-bearing, abstract flower on her shoulder. I loved it.

Carrie realistically tells us “I will never be the woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it.” But Carrie, we love your disobedient curls!  She has the inspiration, the clothes, the friends, the career… and somewhere along the way she finds the (almost) picture-perfect man! But if I can’t have her life, I will settle for her wardrobe.

Carrie invites us to view her most beautiful possessions and in return we have to crown her as one of the biggest fashion icons of our generation. So let me give you a lowdown on the most envied and desired outfits of the TV series and two films.


Carrie Bradshaw wearing a ballet dress in Sex and the City

The Ballet Dress

Rating: 8.5/10

Background: Carrie wore the dress for the opening titles of Sex and the City where she was seen splashed by a puddle by an upcoming bus. It also appeared in the first SATC film when Carrie was doing a clean out of her wardrobe. She kept it, of course!

Perfect for: Ballerina skirts became fashionable to wear in the 1950s proving they were not just for ballerinas at dance practise. The dress could be teamed with a leather jacket and sparkly clutch and be perfect for a cocktail party.

Opinion: This is by far the cutest outfit I have seen Carrie in!  This pastel pink dress is pretty and feminine. The netting of the skirt adds a ballerina effect to the outfit and the pale silk band across the waist flatters SJP’s tiny physique. The combination of the dress, heels and hair give Carrie a youthful glow!


Carrie: classy and conservative

The Pin-stripe Green Dress

Rating: 8/10

Background: Carrie Bradshaw never showed too much cleavage or legs whilst remaining sexy but classy, and she went especially conservative in an episode going to Church after she saw ‘Big’ attend the same Church.

Perfect for: Well, Church… and meeting the boyfriend’s parents or attending a formal dinner party.

Opinion: While this outfit is not typically Carrie, it is one of my favourites. The pin-stripe green dress is gorgeous and really suits Carrie’s pale colouring and the accessories compliment the outfit.  My favourite part of the outfit is the white gloves, which are reminiscent of high class women who wore white linen gloves to balls and the opera.


Another signature Carrie look in SATC

The Newspaper Dress

Rating: 9/10

Background: This dress first appeared in series 3 of Sex and the City but it is such a gorgeous dress that it made a reappearance in Sex and the City 2 when Big spontaneously turns up to take her out for dinner!

Perfect for: A party, cocktails with the girls, a late dinner and a show… the list is endless! If you had Sarah Jessica Parker’s legs why wouldn’t you want to wear it to any occasion possible?!

Opinion: This vintage Dior dress is a perfect example of Carrie’s signature style: unique, designer and perfectly accessorised with a pair of red-soled Louboutins! The dress even reflects Carrie’s personality and her job writing her own column. Definitely a thumbs up!


With an average rating of 8.5/10 it is clear that Carrie can do no wrong. The internet is crawling with fashion-lovers in search of that dress/that hat/those shoes that Carrie Bradshaw wore in a one-off episode of Sex and the City and there is no question why.

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  • Olivia Mak

    Carrie Bradshaw is still a fashion inspiration today, despite the end of the Sex and the City series. I especially loved all her party dresses and shoes. That newspaper dress is only something she could have pulled off!

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