Can Long Distance Relationships Go The Distance?

Can you think of any plus points of enduring a long distance relationship?

“I suppose an advantage is that Katie doesn’t go to my university – this is good because it means I can more comfortably have a laugh with my squash mates. Basically, I can mess around with the lads without having a girlfriend there to hear any crude comments and the banter or whatever.”

And what would you say is the biggest disadvantage?

“It just isn’t ideal or very convenient because you can’t see each other whenever you want. Also, my squash mates all have girlfriends so when we go out clubbing they always go home early when all I want to do is stay out and have some fish bowls and a bit of a boogie!”

How do you cope being in a long distance relationship?

“Well, we are in our second year experiencing a long-distance relationship whilst at university so I guess we have just got used to it. There are plenty of ways to keep in touch; we regularly text, call and Skype so we always communicate frequently.”

Why do you think your relationship has lasted so long?

“To put it simply, we both like each other enough to make it work. It’s just about being willing and putting in the effort – because Katie and I are committed, we have been strong enough to make it last.”

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