4 Odd-­Looking Yet Awesome Cars

When it comes to the world of design, cars have had something of special treatment over the last century. Birthed from a traditional open-carriage style to models that now sometimes resemble spaceships and other fantasy objects, the world of car design has been experimental to say the least. But that’s not to say that some of the world’s weirdest-looking cars aren’t any less adept for the road, as the following four oddities help to show.

Skoda Yeti

It might be named after a mythical creature said to roam the terrain of the Himalayas, but the Skoda Yeti is anything but rarely sighted. A popular SUV model that can be spotted out and about in many European and world cities, the Yeti’s design is bold, sophisticated and a little bit odd.

With emphasis placed on the front part of the vehicle, the Yeti protrudes out like a rather large nose. Its features however, are anything to turn your nose up at. Combining an optional rear-view parking camera, automatic lock and start function and an automatic Park Assist system, the Yeti, as strange looking as it might be, is nowhere near being designated, as it is for its name-sake, as abominable.

skoda yeti

Fiat Multipla

The Fiat Multipla, just as it name appears, seems a little unfinished in terms of design. Shaped rather like a bubble that seems more akin at sea than the road, the Multipla is kind of kooky to look at and cartoonish in style.

A family car based on its Italian makers’ earlier model, the Brava, the Multipla first came to the world car market in 1998 with production ending in 2010. Different both inside and out, in the sense that it featured two rows of three seats, the Multipla’s design was actually featured at New York’s prestigious Museum of Modern Art. Other accolades include it being named Top Gear’s Car of the Year in 1999 and Top Gear Magazine’s Family Car of the Year for four years running.

Fiat Multipla

Jeep Renegade

Jeep’s massively popular SUV the Renegade, looks to borrow slightly off Apple’s ingenuity with the iPod in decking out its vehicle’s frame in a variety of bold and bright colours. Built in Italy but designed in the US, some of Fiat’s funky influence seems to have poured out into Jeep’s plans on the drawing boards too.

The Renegade, despite its odd colour palate, is definitely cool when it comes to features though. It is a very capable small 4×4 car to start with. Sold with four MultiAir gasoline engines, two MultiJet II diesel engines and a flex-fuel Chrysler engine, it’s super powerful. It also features a nine-speed gearbox to enable better engine efficiency too. For more information head to

Jeep Renegade


The REVAi, also known as the G-Wiz in the UK, looks as odd as it sounds. A small micro electric car designed by Indian manufacturers REVA, this model first came to light in 2001 and sold around 4,600 vehicles leading up to 2013.

Perhaps difficult to spot due to its scarcity, you’d know when you see it. Short, stout, compact and boxy, it really doesn’t have to do much to stand out from the crowds on the roads and highways of the world. At least its clean electric transmission was one thing it had going for it.


These four odd but awesome little road vehicles remind us of just how weird and wonderful the world of car design can be. As we begin to reach half-way point in the current decade it will be interesting to see what other oddities emerge as we dip into 2016 and beyond.

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