Life lessons you learn at university

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When you are a student you learn a lot about yourself, you learn a lot about friendship and you learn that tequila has never been and never will be your friend. Yet somehow you tend to cross paths frequently.

Unfortunately this will not be about the journalism lingo I have picked up over the last three years, much to your dismay I’m sure. Instead it will be about the life lessons I have learnt at university.


I can now use Chopsticks

The most valuable lesson I have learnt since being at university is how to use chopsticks. That’s right, those two sticks are possible to use as a tool to eat food, even for rice. It may have cost me a small fortune at a Thai take-away and I may have put on a few pounds in order to learn this skill, but it was worth it. Now when I get given chopsticks at a fancy Chinese restaurant I can use them for eating opposed to making myself look like a Walrus.


Freshers are annoying to most of the student body

After first year, freshers are the most annoying people in the world. They scream when they see each other, nearly always cry when they are drunk and the fact they can go out whenever they want because they don’t have as much work as everyone else, is possibly the most irritating thing in the world. Basically every student who isn’t in their first year is jealous of them and therefore everything they do is annoying.


I am now a professional procrastinator

I can successfully find something to do that is more important than writing about something academic. This can range from rearranging my sock drawer to watching 2 hours of funny cat videos on youtube. I can make even the most monotonous task incredibly interesting if it means not writing about media law.


My best friends and I

During my time at university I have made many friends, some of them become acquaintances and some have become like family. Being at university is amazing but at times it can also leave you feeling lonely, stressed and in need of some Tesco value vodka (students only deserve the best, as long as it costs less than a fiver). What is good about being at university however, is that there is always someone who is willing to be there with you to drink the Tesco value vodka and cringe with you the next day. I can’t help but to relive the moment my best friend came into my room the after the night before, to inform me she had been found passed out in a club toilet after close by a barman who got quite an eyeful. I think she hid in her room for a good week after that.


I will always quote Shrek

“We can stay up late swapping manly stories and in the morning, I’m making waffles.”


The last three years would have meant nothing without those closest to me

Without my nearest and dearest to share the highs (mattress surfing) and the lows (losing your dignity in the SU for the 3rd time in a week), none of it would have been worth it. Reminiscing about all the all nighters you have pulled together to make sure you finish your work on time and that time you duct taped your friend in the bathroom makes university what it is; a time for learning, a time for making friends and a time to keep crossing paths with tequila.

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