Same Love, no difference

When you see two men or two women holding hands with each other in the street, or making out in a nightclub – some people would not batter an eyelid, then there are others who are small minded and somewhat prejudiced.

If you turn the situation to the same sex couple and enter their thought, “are we doing something wrong”…  even now when they walk down the street holding hands, Like every couple in a relationship has the right to do; gay, straight, lesbian or transgender, “I don’t remember that we’re anything different” until someone laughs at them or feels the need to shout “f*ggots”, to them and to me, they are just Jake and Joe, not something to laugh at. Just two people, kind, decent people who are in love and want to show it. Not throw it in your face snogging in the middle of town, just simply holding hands.

“Why can’t we just walk past everyone and not even enter their heads?” This has happened to my close friend, but now he finds a strength in it and thinks if people want to look… look! At the end of the day people abuse you for being too fat, too skinny or wearing glasses. He thinks if he’s going to get abuse for anything, he would rather it be for someone he cares about.

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