The Safety Bubble of University


‘How is first year of uni nearly over?’ ‘Do I really have to move back home for three whole months?’ ‘What the hell am I even supposed to do for three whole months?’ -Yes it’s here, your days of being a care free fresher are nearly over. I am in denial about it as much as everyone else.

At first moving away from home and into student halls seems like the scariest thing you could ever do, leaving all your home comforts and not forgetting all your friends and family behind. But rather quickly, and probably sooner than you think you’ll soon get used to your tiny uni room and living with five other strangers.

It may take longer for some people and of course we all miss home at some point but the more you get used to living at uni the less we get used to the life you had at home. Spontaneous nights out, knocking on your flat mates door just to chill, eating when/what you want and generally having all the freedom you can ask for are just a few of things we become accustomed to. And before you can say ‘two vodka shots please!’ it’s third term and you’re nearing your end of your first year at university.

So moving back home for three whole months in the summer can be a very daunting thought. At first catching up with old friends, having home cooked meals and a clean house is heaven, but soon the novelty wears off and before you know it you’re lumped in front of the sofa, bored out of your mind, eating anything you can get your hands on and counting down the days until you get back to student life.

Suddenly all your previous thoughts about being back in your double bed and not having to spend vodka money on laundry go straight to the back of your mind and you’d do anything to be back in your tiny single bed, eating week old bread and dragging yourself to a 9am lecture after having got in at 4am.

You slowly start to get more and more bored, fatter and incredibly irritable, you can’t even tolerate your own company, let alone your parents for three whole months.

Whilst you go through the agonising wait of being back at uni, just think, things could be worse, right? Take this time to detox all the alcohol that has entered your body for the last nine months, not forgetting all the awful kebabs and lack of sleep you’ve endured. Eat as many home cooked meals you can and sleep for at least twelve hours each night. The bags under your eyes will slowly look better, your skin may suddenly be less of a grey colour and before you know it it’s nearing September and the new refreshed you can pack your bags and do it all over again!

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