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Hello – Luke again, here. If you happened to read my last piece – ‘An evening with Matt Le Tissier’ – you may remember that I one day, longed for a jaunt back to Southampton City Centre. Well – I woke up on Tuesday morning this week, and decided to do just that (my recording of Sunday Brunch – that I still haven’t watched from early May – could wait, I thought). For those of you still currently attending Southampton Solent University (or are about to, or – like me – have graduated), they were – in my opinion – the best, three years of my life. I left Wales in 2001, 18-years-old and homesick, and returned home in 2004, enriched and with a degree to my name.



I can remember longing to come home, when I was nearing the end of my course, as three years is a long time to spend somewhere different, doing something new. As soon as I got back to Southampton (after a thoroughly, arduous motorway trek), I wondered why I ever left in the first place. Everything was either just as I remembered it, or had significantly improved. The beautiful, evening sun, and shadows, made for some great pictures (which you should hopefully see throughout this article), and – aside from having to make a small trek with my luggage to my place of stay – my visit was just as great as I thought it would be.

The course I did in Southampton was in BA (Hons) Journalism (and I’m very happy that I’ve recently found Yuppee in the meantime!) It’s the first occasion, where I’ve stayed in a hotel all by myself – I ended up in a Premier Inn – and the room was absolutely faultless. I failed to get much sleep, to be honest (no offence, Lenny Henry – this had nothing to do with your face being on the brochures, on my pillow). It was merely down to the fact that I was about to set foot in a place – that I hadn’t been to – in 9 years. It was surreal. It was almost – almost – like stepping into the past. Whilst it was kind of a good thing, it was also a bit sad, as it brought back so many memories, and was simply a reminder of how much life (and – I suppose – the people I went to Southampton with) have moved on since.

'Hello, old friend.'

‘Hello, old friend.’

I can remember walks to Burger King on hazy, summer evenings – back in 2003 (with my uniform in my bag, and Evanescence blaring out of my headphones). I can remember trips to the ODEON Cinema, to watch the latest films. I can remember watching Ross Geller, and Friends boxset marathons. I can remember vox pops, video clips, cameras, editing software and Tuesdays spent in the computer room, putting magazines together. I can remember watching Big Brother, when Davina was still there. I visited many old haunts during my trip, and even bought a new beanie from the same place I bought one, a decade earlier.

I loved my trip back. Sitting on the bench, near West Quay, looking at my phone, in the sun – I felt totally content. I have to say – it was a great incentive to try and move forward with my own life. I would definitely visit again, at some point (the drive is an unenviable one!) as I love the place, but I wanted to get the journey back to lovely Southampton, out of my system. And now I have. So – if you are heading to Southampton Solent University, later on this year – have a wonderful time! I really envy you! I absolutely loved it! And I’m sure you will too.

The Mountbatten Library

The Mountbatten Library

Evening sun...

Evening sun…

Southampton Solent University

Southampton Solent University


The Biffy Clyro track, that was the soundtrack of my trip back down to the South Coast…

  • Owen Thomas

    Oh my word,are you me from the future? Left Wales to attend Southampton Solent feeling homesick, forever eating out of THAT Burger King, Journalism student. It’s all there!

    • Luke Bigmore

      Haha – hope you enjoy! It’s a great place! Want to go back now! If you’re homesick, it will pass.

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