Movie Review: The Inbetweeners

The Inbetweeners is a movie that teens will find particularly appealing. Released in 2011, it has received positive reviews from movie critics. The story is written by Iain Morris and Damon Beesley, and the movie is directed by Ben Palmer. The movie showcases the misadventures of few teenage boys after their final year at school. It is crude, funny, rude and extremely tragic. However, the movie is not ruined, though it is similar to movies like Kevin and Perry Go Large and American Pie. The Inbetweeners movie picks up from where the famous sitcom with the same name ended.

The movie revolves around Simon (Thomas), who is dumped by Carli (Emily Head). Simon along with his friends Neil (Harrison), Jay (Buckley) and Will (Bird) decide to go on a trip to Malia hoping for sun, sex, sand and sea. They end up in a rundown hotel, experience embarrassing sun burns, girls and finally enjoy their boat party.

The actors in the movie have done their job well. The script is well written too. The dance scene where the boys get humiliated will leave you laughing for weeks. The teenage boys have done justice to their roles by being effortlessly funny. The movie on the whole is funny and slapstick. It is original and does not use the same idea as the TV sitcom.

However, The Inbetweeners fails to shake off its sitcom roots and could have ended on a more inspiring note. The amusing moments in the movie are nothing when compared to the ones in the sitcom. It looks as if the writers had a sudden writer’s block when they had to project these teenage boys on the larger screen. The plot in the movie is not as strong as that of the sitcom.

The Inbetweeners manages a decent 3.5 out of 5.

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