Bombay Bicycle Club A Different Kind of Fix Review

British rock band, Bombay Bicycle Club released their third album “A Different Kind of Fix” in 2011, through Island Records. The album is produced by Ben Allen and Jim Abbiss. Bombay Bicycle Club has a great fan base because the band members keep experimenting with different genres in their albums, giving the audience something new each time.

Their first album “I Had the Blues but I Shook Them Loose” had indie inclinations, while their second album “Flaws” focused on intricate melodies. The latest one, “A Different Kind of Fix”, focuses on indie-dance styles. The variety that the band offers to their fans is appealing. In this album, we can see guitarist Jack Steadman’s brilliant electronic efforts.

Suren De Saram gives peppy beats to all the tracks and Ed Nash provides some of the best bass lines. Jamie MacColl gives all the tracks a different feel with his work on the guitar. Another vocalist worth mentioning along with Jack Steadman is Lucy Rose, whose voice compliments Steadman’s vocal.

“How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep” proves to be the best introduction track for the album. The mysterious and airy feel to the song makes it very special. “Bad Timing” is a track which showcases the aggressive side of the band. “Lights Out, Words Gone”, “Your Eyes”, “Leave It” and “Take the Right One” are best examples of summer songs which take you to a world of mystery.

“Shuffle” is the best among all the tracks which makes “A Different Kind of Fix” a unique album. “Fracture” and “Beggars” seem to be the extensions of intricate melodies which appear in the album “Flaws”.  The track “Still” in the album will be remembered by Bombay Bicycle Club’s fans since it has an emotional feel to it.

Bombay Bicycle Club has created a coherent album with “A Different Kind of Fix”. All the tracks are infectious and brilliant.

The album deserves a good 4 out of 5

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