Apple to Introduce Privacy Controls for Contacts on iOS 6

Unconfirmed reports state that Apple has introduced controls for contact privacy in the iOS 6. Based on this control, users now have the power to disclose their contact details to only select applications on the latest iOS 6. The new privacy contact panel has a pop up feature that provides users with the option to allow only certain applications to access their contact details.


The official announcement

In the month of February, Apple had announced the release of this software but did not mention specific details. During the Annual Developer Conference that was held in San Francisco, Apple introduced the latest iOS 6, which will be available to users later in the fall. Developers were given the software based on an agreement of non-disclosure. However, sensitive information, apart from the details revealed by Apple, was leaked ahead of time.

The software came under scrutiny, when an Android application and Path, a well known iOS application began to collect user contact details without prior permission. In a statement to rectify the error, Path apologized to users and said that the information was actually being used to notify them of new friends joining the social network.


Repercussion of contact information collection

In response to Path’s statement, Apple mentioned that apps that transferred and collected user data without required permission were a violation against its guidelines. The whole subject resulted in the intervention by the U.S. government. Apple then received a letter from the U.S. House subcommittee questioning them of their non involvement. Reasons behind Apple not questioning and stopping software developers from collecting users contact details were brought to the forefront. Presently, the latest security feature involves powering users with the choice of selecting apps that can access their personal information.

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