Beauty Products Review: Tropic Skin Care

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Maybe we’ll know now, thanks to the latest skin brand to be launched, Tropic Skin Care. Former Apprentice finalist Susan Ma has launched these products. Tropic Skin Care is the first and the perfect combination of complete natural, yet affordable skin products that are still very rare in the beauty industry. You don’t have to worry about those chemicals, as Tropics Skin Care leaves your skin feeling gentle, soft and smelling great!


Tropics Skin Care Smoothing Cleanser

The Tropics Skin Care Smoothing Cleanser works wonders on your skin. You just  have to pump the cleanser container twice and massage in to your face. After this, remove any make up on your face and add a little more cleanser on your eye lids to get rid of eye make up. The Tropics Skin Care cleanser ensures that you don’t have panda eyes in the morning. Phew! The Smoothing Cleanser also comes with a Vitamin Boost Tonic as well as a Bamboo Cloth to help get the job done just perfectly.

Once you apply the cleanser, you can use the Bamboo Cloth after rinsing it in warm water to remove the make up and any remainders of the cleanser. The cleanser comes in a gel form which is much better than any other watery cleansers, so you don’t have to worry about making a mess. The cleanser does not soak in to the skin but is light on it and does a thorough job of removing make up leaving you feeling absolutely fresh.

The Vitamin Boost Tonic works well on your face, leaving it smelling great. You can feel your skin get soft and firm with the use of the tonic. If you are have acne, worry no more. The tonic ensures that your pores close up super fast, leaving no chance for pimples. The Cleanser is perfect for both combination and dry skin. The only downside to the product, is perhaps that the Bamboo Cloth is not washable. So once you dirty it, you have to purchase a new one for 4.95 which is a bit steep for a piece of cloth. The cost of this otherwise wonderful product, is £14.95.

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