City review: London

London is the biggest metropolitan city in the United Kingdom. It attracts a vast number of tourists owing to its lifestyle, places and people. For those who are travelling to London, there are a few destinations that are definitely worth a visit. Here are a few travel facts about London you need to know before planning a holiday.


When to go to London

Londoners are complete weather watchers. The climate here is unpredictable with sudden downpours. The best time to visit London, would be autumn and spring. The places aren’t crowded and the clouds are also thinner than usual during this time. Winters are extremely cold, dark and wet. If you love the outdoors, you are sure to enjoy it alone in winters.


Where to go in London

A trip to London would be incomplete without visiting the Buckingham Palace. It’s majestic brilliance is sure to take your breath away. The Buckingham Palace functions as both, the administrative central office of the Royal Household as well as the London residence of Her Majesty the Queen.

London, known for its exciting night life, offers numerous choices. One of the most popular pubs in London is Churchill Arms. In here, you can find butterflies on the under side of glasses, golf bags hanging from the ceiling, chamber vessels and Winston Churchill memorabilia. The pub is full most of the times and you will have to push your way to the bar to get a pint. You can also get a taste of some of the best Thai food here.

London also offers the best brands from around the world. If you are a fashionista, then you can choose from London’s landmark Harrods or Topshop & Topman for some street shopping. Top Shop & Topman market is home to many new designers whose designs are affordable, yet classy.



Entertainment in London can be quite expensive. Visiting Madame Tussaud’s will set you back by £20 but it’s worth every single pound! Art cinema and independent films do cost more than regular ones. These films start at £ 20 up to £ 150. Clubbing in London is a mixed affair. While some top notch clubs charge an entry of £ 20, others are free.

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