Are You Braving The Neon Trend?

Strutting down the high-street, flicking through magazines… it would be hard to miss one of this summer’s biggest fashion trends – Neon’s! They are bold, bright and in-your-face…and everywhere! If you’re a girl whose wardrobe mainly consists of cream, white, black and more cream shades, this sudden burst of colour could feel rather daunting. The neon craze is certainly quite the opposite of the pretty-pastel ice-cream shades that have been lining the opposite sides of the shops as of late.

Women are stepping out in all arrays of neon; hot pink, lime green, even colour blocking them together. However, if you’re yet to take the leap and invest in an item of neon clothing or you’re secretly just a little scared of looking like a giant highlighter, fear not. Try these more ‘subtle’ ways of incorporating neon’s into your own style whilst still feeling on-trend.


Ways to work the neon trend:

Accessories: To keep your outfit looking simple and feminine wear neutral shades. Add a hot pink belt or a piece of lime green jewellery for a statement look. Neon scarves can also add a pop of colour to any outfit; pair with a white dress and sandals for a wearable day-time look.


Shoes: Again, keep the rest of your outfit fairly minimal and team with a pair of gorge neon heels or cute sandals.


Nails: The brands Models Own or American Apparel have a great selection of neon shades to mix and match. Definitely one to have fun with.


Handbags: Perhaps the ever-so-popular Cambridge Satchel Company neon bag is slightly above price range but whatever bag you decide to grab make it the focal point of your outfit and be prepared for heads to be turning…in envy, of course.

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