Review: The Five Year Engagement

From the producers of the hugely successful Bridesmaids, and with a cast list featuring Emily Blunt, Jason Segel and Rhys Ifans, The Five Year Engagement was destined for success at the cinema.

Tom and Violet are love’s young dream. Violet, played by Blunt, is a psychology PhD student who falls in love with Segel’s character, Tom, a sous chef at a top restaurant in San Francisco. They met at a New Year’s Eve fancy dress party, where they were dressed as Princess Diana, and ‘super bunny’ – you decide who was who!

Tom’s proposal doesn’t quite go to plan but after a few attempts, he popped the question and as the title of the film suggests, she said yes. The wedding plans begin, and we’re introduced to the whole family through some entertaining speeches at the couple’s engagement party – but soon everything has to be put on hold when Violet receives a letter from the University of Michigan, inviting her to work within their psychology department.

With the wedding on ice, the pair up sticks and move to Michigan, where Ifans’ character, Winton, is introduced. A smooth-talking psychologist, he is a welcome addition to the cast. What was supposed to be a short job contract was soon extended and the wedding postponed even longer. Although Violet is in her element in her new role, Tom, who had to take a job at a local deli, becomes increasingly unhappy. When a drunken kiss is shared between his fiancée and Winton, the relationship slowly starts to break down and the couple part ways.

In true movie style, it doesn’t end there, and though predictable, the final scenes are played out well.

But for all its merits, at over two hours running time, it is just too long. It features several bizarre moments revolving around knitted jumpers and facial hair, which have little relevance to the main story, and contribute nothing to the film.

If you’re looking for a romantic comedy, then this ticks all the boxes. Just make sure you go for a large box of popcorn to last you the whole film!

Movie Rating: 3/5

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